May 12th, 2015


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I had another of those achey- pukey days again. I spent most of the day lying in my bed, dreaming my dreamy little dreams, and about at midday I woke up and thought morbidly that I mostly dream about sex and death. Other people having sex, and my own death, mind.

Later the day my ASPA worker, Kaarina and a person who studies as a nurse came for the weekly visit. I told them I am a bit too ill and sleepy to talk, so they just checked my apartment, we talked a bit and then they left.

I slept a bit more, as much as I could manage with my splitting headache, and about at five o'clock in the evening I decided to head to Myöhätuuli, a hobby group for mentally ill people between the ages 18 and 35.

I took the bus 51K to Pähkinärinne, once in Myöhätuuli, the others had just finished playing Uno and had started playing Trivial Pursuit. I drank cocoa and ate popcorn.

I headed back to Myyrmäki on the bus 50, hung around in Myyrmanni shopping mall, and once home I remembered I had to fetch a package from the post office so I went there, it was the portrait of Joey Ramone I had ordered from

Once back home, I took my medicine, wrote into my diary, and cried a bit. I hate my brain chemistry.
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