May 16th, 2015


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This morning the same thing happened, as usual; I got up, took my morning medicine, went back to bed and slept for many hours, having dumbass dreams. I never seem to learn that I shouldn't go back to bed after taking my morning medicine, and I should have had a wash, exercised and had a healthy breakfast. And as it was Saturday, I should have done housework.

When I finally got up and did the morning routines, it was half past one o'clock in the afternoon. I practically felt the boredom creeping up on me, so I decided to call my mom and ask hir if I can come over. Zie said it was okay.

I took the bus 530 to Raappavuori, once there both mom and dad were home, they didn't pay much attention to me but at least they weren't angry at me because I visit them all too often.

I made coffee and ate whatever I could find from the fridge.

Later the day I took the bus 453 to Helsinki and went to my favorite art museum, Kiasma. It's a contemporary art museum, it was recently opened after a year- long renovation.

There was an awesome photo exhibition by Robert Mapplethorpe, I loved every single one of the photos and the pencil sketches by Tom of Finland, and also, there were two exhibitions with dadaistic. I love that kind of art the most; sculptures made from random discarded objects, they appeal to me.

I took the M train to Myyrmäki, once home I managed to do a great big deal of housework; I mopped and hoovered the floor, washed many loads of laundry and took out the recycling.

I was feeling bored, so I called my mom again and asked if it's okay for me to come over again, and zie didn't seem to mind. So I went to their place again, scribbled random thoughts into my diary, and once back home, it was time to do the evening routines and go to sleep.
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