May 22nd, 2015


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I woke up when Suavecita called me today, zie told me that we should go to the World Village festival on Sunday even if it's also open on Saturday, and we agreed that we'll stay in contact about it, where to meet and when.
Normally I would be angry at whomever called me when I was asleep, but this time I was happy that my favorite girl woke me up in time ^_^ ♥

I managed to take my morning medicine (I had forgotten to take it yesterday, but I didn’t feel too speedy or anything like that), have a proper wash (I only brushed my teeth and anointed my face and body with basic lotion), dress up all pretty (the first outfit I found from the closet) and consume a decent breakfast (a bowl of organic instant cocoa- flavored oatmeal porridge, a glass of milk, lots of fruits and vegetables, and my vitamin supplements), then I logged in to my online bank account.
My balance was 108 euros and 87 cents, I had received my guarantee welfare like every 22nd day.

I went to the bank to withdraw the money, then I went to Myyrmanni shopping mall and visited a health shop named Life to buy a bottle of multivitamin supplement and another of biotin supplement; the biotin supplement was the same brand as usual, but the multivitamin was different brand.

Then I went to the stationery shop, bought two flowery Geepap diaries designed by Vallila and one cute ringbinder. I also bought 20 first class stamps and birthday cards to my friends whose birthday is this month or next; allthe_crows, gaia_child, quadruplify, aarau, and dem_legs_fan.

By then I was sad to notice that most of my money was already gone. I couldn't afford buying a new bicycle pump, a pair of wellingtons, a CD player, brassieres, ankle socks, pajama pants, or groceries, but then again, I will receive more money next week. It's just that everything is so expensive these days and 100 euros isn't a lot of money. And besides, I have already got enough food and hygiene to serve me for a while.

I went to the Myyrmanni pharmacy to purchase a new batch of Ketipinor (I used to take Seroquel, but it was changed to Ketipinor), even if I didn’t know if the prescription is renewed; I never received any kind of notification about it. But I managed to buy more of it; it only cost me a euro and 50 cents. Nowadays I take 75 milligrams every evening, and it also works as a tranquilizer.

I took my new belongings home, put the diaries into my bookshelf, dealt the Ketipinor pills into my Dosett, enjoyed some treats I had bought, and later the day I was off again.
I went to Helsinki on the M train, then took the tram 10 to Iso- Roba and visited Urbanears to buy a pair of cute design socks; they had colorful stripes, squares and polka dots.

There were some sort of summer festivals and other happenings, lots of people out and about, the sun shone and everyone was happy ♥ It’s amazing how during winter everything is all gray and dull and cold and murky and dark and everyone wears a frown, and during summer it’s so bright and beautiful and blessed and everyone is celebrating.

I went to Cybershop in Kamppi shopping center, and bought a new canvas patch; a white skull with crossbones, with a powder blue bow on the top of the skull and pink lips and two pink hearts on the eyes, with long eyelashes. I have had one of the same design for a while now, but it’s become quite scruffy so I bought a fresh one.

I took the bus 452K to Myyrmäki, I was thinking of visiting my parents' home but changed my mind because I knew that my mother wouldn't exactly be pleased about it. Zie doesn’t like the idea of hir prodigal daughter barging in once again, eating all their cheese and drinking all their coffee.

Once in Myyrmäki, I bought perfume- free fabric softener from Citymarket and then went back home.
I put my new belongings into their rightful places, and washed a load of laundry; underwear, pajamas and clothes. I also used the fabric softener.

I was feeling quite speedy, for no reason at all; it’s either the fact that I forgot to take my morning medicine yesterday, or the fact that I had had such a fun day and I was still feeling jazzy and peppy. Nevertheless, I felt awful, all moody and frustrated, and had to take a tranquilizer.
I hoped it would calm me down so I could go to the swimming pool at the fitness center; it made my body feel drowsy and sluggish, but my mind kept on raging thousand miles an hour. I didn’t mind, so I packed my stuff and headed to the fitness center.

I managed to paddle to the deep end and then back, and soon I was out of breath, achy, shaky and still angry because the delusions bothered me. I headed back home.
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