May 23rd, 2015


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This morning I did the morning routines after coming home from the shopping mall, where I had gone to return empty bottles and buy some treats.
I gave my teeth a brisk brushing, changed my pajama pants and ratty t- shirt into a pretty pink dress with a Charles Manson shirt over it, and ate a proper breakfast. I actually had to force myself to eat the veggies and fruits (carrot, banana, tomato and satsuma) because I didn't have much of an appetite.
It's just that even when I am hungry, I don't feel like eating; I don't know why my appetite has become so poor. Perhaps my overall sadness and the increased medication affects it.

I was feeling bored, so I did housework in order to simply to prevent the boredom. I only managed to hoover most of the floor, I guess I will do the rest of the housework tomorrow. I need to hoover and mop all the floor of my apartment from corner to corner, under the furniture, wash at least three or more loads of laundry, scrub the bathroom, and wash the dishes.

I decided to go see my parents, mainly because I was going to the World Village festival with Suavecita and I needed money, so I was going to ask my mom to give me some.

I called my dad and told hir I am coming over, zie said it was okay; my mom had gone on a trip with hir friends from Red Cross, zie does some kind of volunteer work for them.

I decided to walk because it was such a bright summer day, and I had decided to exercise more.

Once in my parents' place, the back of my dress was drenched with sweat but I felt very energetic.

I spent the afternoon with my dad, I made some coffee and wrote into my diary and then I was off.

I printed some exercise methods for giving your feet a workout, I will do that every morning and evening from now on,

I ran into my mother in the corridor, I asked hir about money for the festival and zie said I can come over later.

I walked to Myyrmäki, I visited some of the places where I had gone when I was a teenager, such as the small playground on a top of a grassy hill near my parents' home; when I had graduated from junior high, I had gone to the park to swing and I felt happy because I knew I wouldn't be bullied anymore.

There was some sort of a festival in Myyrmäki, lots of people were out and about.

Once home, I hung around for a while and then went to see my parents, once again; I called my mom, zie answered sounding very happy and cheerful, I told hir I am taking the bus 55 to Raappavuori and coming to see them again, zie said it was okay.

Once in my parents' place, I made a cup of coffee, watched a nature document with them, and mom actually gave me 50 euros instead of the usual 20 euros.

I walked to Alepa, a small grocery shop in the old minimall, and bought some treats to break the 50 euro bill. On the way there my best friend Suavecita called me and informed that zie won't be able to go to the World Village festival, because zie tripped on hir dog and hurt hir leg. I was sad for hir and hoped zie will get better soon. Then again, I can always go to the festival all by myself.

I walked to Martinlaakso bus station and took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I remembered I had left the balcony door open to let fresh air in, and as a result my apartment truly smelled clean and fresh. I was too exhausted to do housework, but tomorrow is a new day.

I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth. The only thing I need to do tonight is to put fresh sheets into my bed, have a wash and perhaps watch something on Netflix.
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