May 25th, 2015


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Last night I was still feeling too chipper to fall asleep, so I took my laptop along to bed and watched the Superman: Animated Series episode The Main Man, which features my favorite anti- hero Lobo as the main villain. I really enjoyed it.

I had a dream where I was in a mental ward for young women, there was a candy- floss machine with a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic theme.

In the morning when I was half awake, I scratched the skin around my mouth to the point where it started oozing tissue fluid. When I got up and went to the bathroom to look at the mirror, I looked really bad and it felt really bad, too. I rubbed some cortisone lotion around my mouth, wishing it would heal soon. I’m thinking that I should book an appointment with my doctor.

I didn’t bother with the morning routines because this little mishap with my skin made me feel a bit downcast.
Nevertheless, I managed to take my medicine, dress up and go outside for errands. I returned a stack of books to the library, mailed this month’s birthday cards and took a bill to the social office.

I had a therapy appointment at two o’clock in the afternoon, I was thinking of walking to Malminkartano train station and taking the M train from there, so I would get exercise and not to mention that I always feel uncomfortable in Myyrmäki train station, it’s a very dangerous place to be; lots of junkies and drunkards around.

I managed to walk there and it was alright, even if I felt very thirsty. I took the M train to Helsinki, and took the subway train to Kamppi even if I could have walked there. I have decided that from now on I am going to walk as often as I can instead of relying on public transports all the time.

During the therapy appointment I just talked about whatever subjects came to my mind and felt even sicker of my therapist. We made a new appointment on July 4th at quarter past four o’clock in the afternoon.

I went walkabout and visited some of my favorite shops, then I took the bus 453 to Raappavuori and walked to Myyrmäki. Once home, I felt energetic but I was also drenched with sweat so I decided that from now on, I won’t wear a hoodie and my PLO scarf during the warm season.

I fixed myself a couple of sandwiches and took my vitamin supplements, when I was nourished enough I went to the gym; I decided not to go swimming today due to my bad skin.

In the gym, the first thing to do was to walk on the treadmill on the Manual setting for 20 minutes, then 4 minutes on the Cool Down setting. Then I used each exercise machine, 30 moves on each side of my body.

Once back home, I fetched my laundry from the drying room and put them into their rightful places.
I should take the carpet out to dust it, but it’s getting late. I think I will do it tomorrow.
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