May 30th, 2015


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Yesterday afternoon I visited my mother, and decided to leave when zie had gone grocery shopping. I felt bummed out because I had PMS, I am usually sad or mad when I have it.

I managed to wash a load of laundry, including the new socks I bought from Urbanears design shop (every time I get new clothes, whether bought or received, whether second- hand or newly bought, I wash them before wearing them) and take the laundry downstairs to the drying room.

I felt even more bummed out when I thought how to spend the hours before going to bed; I felt like going somewhere, but as it is Friday and the summer vacation has began, there might be people boozing a lot and that would be dangerous.
Then I decided to continue playing Pokémon: RED on, and it went well for a while. I also managed to have a wash and at least tried to exercise, but my PMS made me feel so moody that I couldn't focus on it. Normally I would be disappointed if I couldn't manage to do every single routine in order, but I forgave myself because I felt so crabby and spaced out due to my hormones.

When I went to bed I took my lappy along, played the game and between the combats and wild Pokémon fights I wrote into my diary. I also fixed myself supper even if I had brushed my teeth; grilled cheese sandwiches and a banana, and a mug of sweet peppermint tea.

I slept well, but I woke up at half past one o'clock during the night when my cellphone rang; I didn't recognize the number, and when I answered, I heard nothing but a buzzing noise. I hung up and went back to bed, and thought that it might have been my dad calling from Tokyo or one of my Facebook friends who live overseas, I might have shared my phone number.

I slept well, and had a dream where I was supposed to visit my former therapist at quarter to eleven o'clock in the morning; very often I have these dreams where I have to visit my old therapist because of some bureaucratic reason before I can visit my current therapist, and even more often I have the reoccurring dream where I have to go to my grade school or junior high or my first high school (I used to study in two different high schools and then in night school) to file out some paperwork before I am allowed to go to vocational school.

I had dreams about the Pokémon game, and the compulsory erotic nightmare, and woke up between the dreams, having a strange feeling; fragile, sensitive, crystallized.

I was forced to get up at half past five o'clock because I had a terrible need to take a pee; I practically felt my urine bladder balloon out. I went back to bed and got up later the morning at half past ten o'clock.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, and I had already dressed up when I remembered that I was supposed to exercise. I was disappointed but I forgave myself, and besides, I managed to eat a healthy breakfast and do a great big deal of housework, as it was weekend and that's when I clean up my whole apartment.

I replaced the towels and bed sheets, hoovered and mopped every inch of the floor, including under the furniture, and scrubbed the toilet bowl.

It was about quarter past one o'clock in the afternoon, when I felt like I was done; I still had to wash laundry, wash the dishes, take out the recycling and scrub the bathroom from floor to ceiling, but I called it quits and called my mother, asking hir if it was okay for me to come over a bit earlier. Zie said it was okay, so I packed my stuff; Dosett with enough medicine for the weekend, nightshirt, an outfit for tomorrow, toothbrush and my diary, and took the bus 55 to Raappavuori.

Mom was dusting the shelves and mopping the floor. I made some coffee, we ate lunch and later the afternoon went to sauna together. It really made me feel good, I'm glad mom didn't say anything about my armpit hair.

I spent most of the rest of the day playing Pokémon, and what do you know, I managed to catch a Chansey! Too bad the game glitched when I saved it, but I still counted it as a small but significant victory ~

Suavecita called me and asked if zie can come over tomorrow and bring some old clothes, I said it was okay.
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