May 31st, 2015


She likes cloth. That's a good band name

As I mentioned earlier, I had a sleepover at my parents' home; my father and brother had gone to Tokyo for a week- long vacation, and I read from the news that there had been an earthquake right where they had been, but according to my mother, both were okay; their subway train had been delayed, but they were unharmed.

Last night I went to bed after doing all the evening routines; as usual, I felt the evening blues and I didn't understand why since I had had such an amazing day. I meditated myself to sleep, and even if I had to get up every once in a while to arrange my living premises (close the cupboard doors and fold the counterpane), I felt better; not happy, but not unhappy.

I had a dream about the needlework class in my junior high where I was always bullied by two of the "popular girls". In the dream I found a piece of adorable retro sunflower cloth, exactly the same as the curtains in the kitchen of my summer cottage; I decided to make a scarf out of it, but later I lost the cloth and found it torn into pieces. I got mad and blamed it for the two girls who bullied me, even if they said they didn't do it, and I attacked one of them and strangled hir. I felt awful because I never want to wish any harm on anybody, not even the people who have harmed me, but for once in my life I felt powerful because the girls were afraid of me.

I woke up early and got up before my mother, I did the morning routines as usual and mom made me breakfast.
Later the day I popped to Alepa to buy two liters of milk.

About at midday I went home, I took the bus 530 to Myyrmäki. In my home, everything was as usual.
I washed laundry, and washed the dishes. As usual when I have my PMS, the delusions bothered me worse than they usually do. I took a tranquilizer, it made my body feel sleepy and my mind feel spaced out, called the ASPA helpline and was genuinely amazed that I practically felt like a volcano erupting, but I still managed to talk calmly and smartly.
I felt sleepy, so I took a nap and meditated myself to sleep; I knew I should have visited the fitness center before Suavecita's visit, but decided to forgive myself.

Later the day Suavecita came over as zie had promised, zie brought some eatables and some old clothes zie doesn't use anymore. I decided to keep some, and take some to a charity shop.

We talked and laughed a lot, ate some numnums, surfed on the Internet and took photos. Later the day I called my mom and asked hir if me and Suavecita can come over for coffee, zie said it was okay.

Suavecita drove us to Raappavuori in hir car, once at my parents' home my mother gave us lots of food to eat; coffee, sandwiches, fresh pineapple slices, oven- baked salmon steak, and lots of other goodies.

Later zie went grocery shopping, me and Suavecita looked at my family photos and the weird souvenirs my parents have brought from their vacations overseas; I drank more coffee, and after mom came home, zie gave us a raspberry yoghurt filled chocolate bar to share. We talked about stuff and then we decided to leave as it was getting late.

Suavecita drove home in hir car, I went to the playground to swing, and then walked to Myyrmäki. I ran into my friend Lauski on the way, we talked and walked togethe rand then I went back home.

Once home, I took my evening medicine, brushed my teeth and had a wash, exercised and soon I am going to meditate and then go to sleep.
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My plans for Monday, June 1st - Sunday, June 7th

Monday, June 1st:
It's my first day of summer vacation.
I need to visit the municipal service point to have my travel card changed into a pensioner's travel card, so I can get discount.
I will do the rest of the housework I couldn't manage to do during weekend; wash the laundry, wipe the kitchen counters and working desk clean, take out the recycling and dust the carpet.
If it doesn't rain, I will go for a bike ride since I have skipped visiting the fitness center twice.

Tuesday, June 2nd:
My brother and father will return home from their journey to Tokyo.
My ASPA worker will visit me at half past noon.
I won't have anything special to do, I will probably go for a bike ride, and visit two of my favorite thrift shops in downtown Helsinki and look for clothes I could ask to set aside, so I can purchase them on Wednesday when I receive money.
I will have the hobby group in Pähkinärinne at four o'clock in the afternoon.

Wednesday, June 3rd:
I will receive money.
I will pay a bill and then withdraw the money and buy the necessary food and hygiene.
I will have an appointment with my nurse at the psychiatric clinic at two o'clock in the afternoon.
I will go to the fitness center and visit the gym for an hour (the first thing to do is to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes on the Manual setting and then 4 minutes on the Cool Down setting, then try each and every exercise machine, then lift hand weights and then stretch a bit) and then go to the swimming pool for an hour.

Thursday, June 4th:
I will have a routine check- up at the Myyrmäki dentist at ten to one o'clock in the afternoon.
I will have a therapy session at quarter past four o'clock in the afternoon.
The Museum of Natural Science (one of my favorite museums) will have free admission at five o'clock in the evening, I shall go there.

Friday, June 5th:
Nothing special yet.

Saturday, June 6th:
I will go to the gym and swimming pool and work out as usual.
I will also do housework as usual; hoover and mop the floor, replace the bed sheets and towels, wash laundry, scrub the bathroom, wipe the working desk and kitchen counter, dust the carpet, and stuff.

Sunday, June 7th:
I will do the rest of the housework, and also go visit my parents.

Counting my blessings

✿ I surprised myself by managing to do a great deal of housework even if I didn't feel like doing it
✿ Going to my parents' home for a sleepover
✿ Going to sauna with my mother
✿ Meditating myself to sleep
✿ Catching a very rare Pokémon, Chansey, on the first try in the Pokémon: RED

👽 Sleeping well and waking up early
👽 Washing the dishes
👽 Suavecita came over and brought second hand clothes, including the pajama pants I have envied, and lots of treats like chocolate
👽 Visiting my mother with Suavecita and eating lots of nummy food
👽 Going to the yard to swing
👽 Smelling apple tree blossoms
👽 Running into a friend
👽 Managing to do the face muscle exercise effectively

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Friend: I am sad

*gently wraps friend in a warm blanket*
*feeds friend their favorite treat*
*places their favorite animal on their lap*
*kisses them on the top of their head*
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Food intake:
I drank lots of coffee with milk and sugar.
A bowl of oatmeal porridge with raisins for breakfast.
For afternoon snack I had buttered rye bread with cheese and cucumber slices, a glass of milk, a tomato and a banana.
After my friend came for a visit, I ate salmiakki candies, two chocolate muffins, half a bag of sourcream & onion crisps, and drank the rest of hir iced latte.
When I went to see my mom, I ate a fresh pineapple slice, oven- baked salmon steak, buttered oat bread with cheese, two squares of a raspberry yoghurt filled chocolate bar.

I did the foot & facial muscle exercises in the evening, and attempted planking. I walked home from Raappavuori.

Took a short shower, brushed my teeth and anointed my skin with basic lotion, both in the morning and evening.