June 21st, 2015


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Monday, June 22nd:
I will go back home, the omnibus to Helsinki will leave at half past seven o'clock in the morning (07:30 am) from Kangasala station, and arrive to Helsinki about at ten o'clock in the morning (10:00 am).
Once home, I will put my stuffs to their rightful places and wash a load of laundry.
I will go to bank to withdraw enough money to buy groceries, I have to calculate my finances very scrupulously because I need to buy new boots later the week.
I will buy only the necessary groceries, then I will go to the post office to retrieve the package I had received.
As for the rest of the day, I will go for a walk or a bike ride, or perhaps both. Nevertheless, I will go visit my mother as zie has a day off from work.

Tuesday, June 23rd:
I don't have any special appointments or or meetings for today, but as I promised, I will go for a bike ride and/or a walk and visit my mother.
(To be honest, usually I dread these kind of days but then again, I can freely spend the day in my pajamas watching Doctor Who on Netflix, or who knows, I could do anything I want!)

Wednesday, June 24th:
I will receive money, and I need to purchase the vegan biker boots I desperately need, my old ones are falling apart.
The first thing to do is to go to the bank right after it's opened at ten o'clock in the morning (10:00). An hour later Heluna is opened, so I will go there as soon as possible to buy the new boots. I will start wearing them immediately and walk around the city, in order to "soften" them a bit.
I will probably go for a longer walk during the day, and then I need to go to the gym.

Thursday, June 25th:
I will go to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road, I have wanted to see that movie for a while.
I will go to the swimming pool.

Friday, June 26th:
Nothing special yet.

Saturday, June 27th:
I will do the usual housework.
I am going to the Gay Pride march and the block party after that, with my friend Suavecita.

Sunday, June 28th:
I will go see my parents.

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When I was underage, I used to wear really boring clothes. I usually just wore jeans and a plain shirt.
I begged my mother to buy me fashionable clothes, but she refused, saying that she doesn't want to see her little girl "all tarted up".

Now I have discovered my own style, which includes pajama pants in public, Dirndl dresses and such, and no longer asked my mom to buy me fashionable clothes. Then it was her who begged for me to wear pink glittery tank tops and pastel yellow sneakers and skinny jeans.

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I had dreams last night, and this time I remember them. I was riding my bicycle through a dark forest, the path was a huge uphill spiral, and I was desperately trying to find my way home. Instead, I found my way to my old elementary school, it brought back so many bad memories that I decided to turn and go back to the dark forest; I figured it was a better place to be than the school.
I also had a BDSM themed erotic nightmare about BBC Sherlock and John, where Sherlock chained John and whipped hir butt, but also remembered aftercare, wrapping hir into a blanket and feeding hir chocolate.

I got up, took my morning medicine and had a wash as usual. I dressed up, and then grandmother came home from hir morning walk and made us breakfast.

I had probiotic berry yoghurt with raspberries and blueberries for breakfast, along with the first cup of coffee. I think raspberry is my favorite berry.

Later the morning I went for a walk, then I went to Siwa to buy toilet paper for my grandmother.

We had lunch and coffee at midday. We both took a nap, zie in hir sofa- bed in the living room and me in hir bedroom, where I usually sleep when I visit hir. I took a long nap and slept sweetly, and when grandmother stirred in hir sofa- bed, zie said zie felt like having a cup of coffee, so I brewed some for me and hir.

My grandmother complained about how much I drink coffee and how I spend most of the time on the Internet, but I didn’t care.

Later we had dinner together. Every time I visit grandmother, I am not allowed to have snacks and I am only allowed to drink coffee when zie gives me the permission. I know zie is only concerned about my health and nutrition because zie loves me. But I can already take care of my own health.

Grandmother gave me a coffee mug and two hand towels zie didn’t use anymore.
In the evening I went out for a while and ate an ice cream sandwich I bought from Siwa.

I set my alarm clock to ring at quarter past six o’clock in the morning (06:15 am) so I am able to get up and do the morning routines in time. My omnibus back to Kamppi, Helsinki leaves at half past seven o’clock in the morning (07:30 am) and it’s the only omnibus straight from Kangasala to Helsinki.
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The eczema on my right wrist has healed almost completely, there are still some small reddish pinpricks on my skin but I know they will heal when I rub Hydrocortison on it three times a day.

I just had a proper wash, brushed my teeth, washed my face and showered my underbelly, then I also washed my armpits and feet with soap. I anointed my face and body with basic lotion.

Now I feel hot and sweaty, it's really uncomfortable. My forehead is slick with sweat and I had to wipe it off with a square of a household paper.

I have realized that I don't actually get harassed and bullied so much, it's just the delusions that harass and bully me.
Like many women, I have avoided wearing sexy outfits because I don't want to get sexually harassed, and I have also started avoiding "weird" clothes like pajama pants because I don't want to be made fun of.
My life would be so much easier if I didn't care so much about what other people think, but then again, I have to protect myself. As they say, a woman who doesn't make herself invisible to other men is like someone wearing a meat suit around wild animals.
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