1st July 2015


I didn't feel like writing in prose, so I used emojis as dashes.

🌈 I received 80 euros today but considering that my bank account was minus 5,77 euros and I had to pay a bill, I only had 47 euros to spend.

🌺 I washed a load of laundry, including every single one of my brassieres. I had to put a blouse under my pinafore so my tatas wouldn't show.

🎀 I bought food and some treats, and Ecover laundry detergent because from now on I will use only ecological, organic, cruelty- and toxin- free hygiene products for both domestic and personal hygiene.

🌸 When I went to the aisle with stacked boxes of porridge flakes, I was unhappy with the selection; I would have loved to buy strawberry & white chocolate- flavored "just add water" flakes, but they were laced with sugar. Those that didn't have added sugar, had added salt, and it's not any healthier because it makes the porridge taste unpleasant.

🍓 I also bought a pair of white Sloggi panties, I am going to buy one each week until I have eight pairs of them.

💐 Another thing I bought was four pairs of these bags made of cloth that you can use to weigh and carry fruits and vegetables from grocery shops. For each bag bought, a donation was made to Red Cross.

🌹 I ate a box of strawberry jaffa cakes, and it made me feel nauseated. I should just cut down on the treats so I might be able to afford something else.

🐬 I went to my parents' home today, did a little housework and then took the bus 453 to Helsinki. I stood in the middle of Eliel Square, dodging seagull poop, and decided to go back home. I don't usually feel like traveling to Helsinki, except if I have something important to do there; I don't feel like just hanging around.

🐚 I took the P train to Myyrmäki, and visited the pharmacy to purchase more Solian.

🌼 Once back home, I took a shower and lazed around in my underpants, knitting and reading.

🍇 Later the evening I went back to my parents' home, because I was feeling bored. I took along my diary, and the book I was reading, and the scarf I was knitting.

🍁 I took the bus 51 to Martinlaakso, and visited S- Market in the new mini- mall to buy a can of milk and a pound of sugar.

💝 I didn't feel like walking, so I decided to take a bus to Raappavuori, even if there was only one stop between Raappavuori and the Martinlaakso station.

🌏 I ran into my friends, Neena, Tintti, and Janne. They were drinking lattes and eating crisps, and Neena had taken along hir dog who was very calm and friendly.

🔵 I took the bus 55 to Raappavuori. Once home, I made coffee, knitted and read, and later the evening went back to Myyrmäki on the bus 530.
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☮ I have decided to start posting images found on Tumblr, Facebook, and Pinterest into my journal, for your eyes ♥

☮ I really should keep the habit of being home after seven o'clock in the evening (7:00 am), so that I have plenty of time to update my blogs before doing the evening routines.

☮ I have also decided not to play Pokémon, watch Netflix, or go to Facebook and Tumblr in the evenings, because I will be so hyper that I cannot fall asleep.

☮ I hate it how I sometimes skip my morning or evening routines because I simply don't feel like doing them, and I hate it how I feel guilty for skipping them.
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