July 24th, 2015


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Very often I have these dreams where I go to school with my old school mates from primary school and junior high, and they haven't aged a bit while I am still the same age as now.
In the dream I had last night, the school I attended was a junior high, it was like a huge mansion, even if it resembled an old wooden house, like the one where my carnala Suavecita lives, or those in Käpylä or Pispalanharju. There was an urbanely decayed subway station right next to the building, damp grey concrete with colorful graffiti, gravel and garbage everywhere.

In one part of the school, the drama club was rehearsing the musical We Will Rock You!. They were acting the parts "Radio Ga Ga" and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".
I wanted to watch, but I had lost my boots and I asked the janitor to help me find them, we found all kinds of shoes and boots and sneakers and sandals but none of them were my beloved vegan biker bitch boots.

In another dream I was about 15 years younger, I lived with my parents, and my paternal grandmother who was also 15 years younger, with brunette hair and no eyeglasses yet. She and my mother were very happy and cheerful and tried to give me make- up utensils and recipes with couscous.
In the dream all of my teeth had shattered. I practically felt the sharp- edged pieces in my mouth, on my tongue, and when I woke up, I was amazed that my teeth were still intact.

I have dreams about school or shoes or teeth ever so often. There might be some sort of Freudian meaning behind them.

I got up, took my morning medicine, dressed up and put on some jewelry, and washed the sleep off my eyes. I was going to the HUS laboratory to give a blood sample and have my electrocardiogram measured, and that's why I wasn't supposed to eat because it would mess up my blood sugar. I was allowed to take my morning medicine with a glass of water.

I went to the laboratory, I got the number 122. I had my blood drawn, it was okay. Then I went to the EKG room, where I stripped myself bare except for my panties, the nurse taped electrodes into my wrists, ankles, and around my chest. It went fine.

I went to the social office and gave them my electricity bill and cellphone bill. Then I took the bus 53 to Raappavuori and went to visit my parents. Mom had left me 40 euros.

I took a shower, and had some breakfast and coffee. I took the bus 453 to Helsinki and went to Ruohonjuuri to buy some hygiene products; a box of biodegradable Organyc panty liners, a tube of fluoride- free eucalyptus- flavored Urtekram toothpaste, a bottle of ylang ylang & orange scented Ole Hyvä hand soap in a pump action bottle, and a Hurraw! lip balm with sun protection factor.

I went to Myyrmäki on the P train, once home I put my new stuffs to their rightful places, brushed my teeth, took my vitamin supplements, washed a load of laundry, and ironed clothes.

Later the day I went back to Helsinki, I visited the National Museum now that there was a free admission at 4 - 6 o'clock in the evening.

I decided to go visit my parents, so I took the bus 453 to Raappavuori. I called mom on the way and asked her if I can come over, she said okay.

Once in my parents' home, I made myself a little snack and decided not to drink coffee, I don't like it the way I used to. I think I am finally overcoming my coffee addiction, the way I overcame my chocolate addiction.

I decided to go for a walk to Viinikkala, but I didn't feel like walking all the way there so I took the bus 53 for a short journey, and I was overjoyed when I met Elyseé in the bus! Zie was going to visit some of our mutual friends.

I got off at Vantaankoski, walked on the bridge over the Vantaa river, and walked through a forest and pastures.
I was amazed at the beauty of nature, it was a real nirvana- like experience.
When looking at simple grass, you can see different earthly shades. I have been blessed with a highly visual eye.

I took the bus 55 to Myyrmäki, and went back home. I felt immensely happy.

By the way, I started a Finnish journal on Tumblr, named http://pallosarvinen.tumblr.com.
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