July 29th, 2015


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Last night I found it hard to get sleep, even if I had taken my evening medicine. I stayed awake, tapping away on my laptop, playing Pokémon: RED.

I have had these sleepless nights before, even if I have remembered to take my meds. I don't know why, but I guess it's because the Internet keeps me awake.

I went to check out on Angel Lips, zie has returned to DeviantART but obviously has not forgiven me yet since I am still banned from commenting. I noticed an ad about another artist named vectorgurl, I checked hir page and I was amazed! Zie is a grassroots philanthropist, and all around a good person. I sent hir a message, here's to hoping zie would like to be my friend.

About at midnight, I decided to wash the dishes. It wasn't probably the best time for it, but at least it got made.

I finally managed to fall asleep. In the morning I got up at half past six o'clock, and didn't feel like sleeping anymore.

After the morning routines, I checked the balance of my bank account on the online bank service, and I was mighty disappointed to see that I had received only 40 euros; and considering that my bank account had been 13 euros on the minus side, my balance was 27 euros.

I still went to the bank to withdraw the money, and decided to buy sanitary pads and a new magic ink pen, and put the rest of the money into my piggy bank.

I took the purchases home, put everything into their rightful places, and then went to see my mother even though it was still quite early.

I called my mother and told hir I am coming over, zie said zie was just going to go out for errands but it was okay for me to come over.

Once at my parents' home, I chirped "Hello, mommie dearest!" Mom answered "Hello there, mommy's precious little darling!" Then we laughed.

Mom went out for errands, I stayed until zie came back home. I felt a bit out of place, like I shouldn't think of my childhood home as some sort of retreat or sanctuary where to run away from my problems.

I used their printer to print out my account statement, so I could ask for a coupon for food and hygiene products from the social office.

After leaving, I visited a school yard to play at the swings. I love those swings, they're like baskets where you can lie down.

I visited the social office to ask why I had received less money than usual. I was told that I had received more bills than usual, including the dentist bill.

I requested a coupon for groceries, and what do you know, I received two coupons! They both covered 20 euros, so I had 40 euros altogether.

I went to Citymarket and bought basic food items and some ecological detergents such as all- purpose cleaning spray, toilet cleaner, and detergent for washing dishes.

I managed to pay for all of them, and also haul the heavy carrier bags home.

Once home, I put the food into the fridge, detergents into their rightful places, and had a little snack.

I decided not to go visit my parents again, I spent the evening at home and felt good about it. I didn't feel the wanderlust, the need to go someplace than always be bored at home.

I managed to make two hard- boiled eggs for supper; mind, this was the first time in my life when I succeed at boiling a satisfactory egg. I am slowly becoming great at adulting.

I thought about purchasing a reusable cloth dust bag for my vacuum cleaner, too bad it's hard to find one.
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🌙 I desperately want to remember my friends on their birthdays, even with a simple greeting card. But as it happens, real life gets on the way and I might not be able to afford about ten cards in one month.

🌙 I started knitting woolly socks; my friend Schlitzie said that when it's spring where zie lives, the nights are terribly cold. So I am going to knit eight pairs of socks, seven for each weekday and one extra.

🌙 Tomorrow the ASPA workers take the ASPA residents to Linnanmäki, an amusement park in Helsinki. I don't know if I am coming since I am a bit strapped for cash right now and I don't feel like simply observing while others have fun.
But I might go there in August, I read from their home page that when you go to the park three hours before closing time, about at 7 o'clock in the evening, the ticket will be cheaper.
I also need money for treats like cotton candy and curly fries.

🌙 As I have written before, I tidy up my apartment each weekend, and I have added Monday to weekend so I can do all the unfinished housework on that day. I have decided to add Friday as well, at least for preparing for the housecleaning.

🌙 I have been thinking of giving up shampoo, it's just a chemical cocktail that is bad for your health. I have been researching the No Poo lifestyle, and I have been convinced that a life and a hygiene routine without shampoo is possible, and better for your health. Next week I am going to buy bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar next week, and use them for about a month until my hair has regained its natural oil balance. I am going to write updates about it, and first I need to make sure that my scalp is healthy.

🌙 I love Dirndl dresses! I own four of them, a brown, blue, pink, and purple ones, except the brown and blue are at the dressmaker's shop getting mended.

🌙 I have decided that in halfway August, I am going to go to Helsinki business school to fill out some papers, and I will officially be a drop- out. I really don't care, but I know my mom is going to blow a fuse once zie finds out.