August 18th, 2015


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I have noticed the side effects of the first ECT session; I have lost my appetite, but my sweet cravings have worsened; I had made a deal with myself to cut all the treats, both sweet and savory, off my diet, but today I managed to eat two small bars of chocolate, one with raspberry yogurt and one with chili crisp, two small blueberry pies and right now I am eating a big bar of chocolate with blueberry yogurt crisp filling.
Also, my neck muscles are terribly stiff and hurt a lot. I still have delusions, but not as much as I used to.
I guess this will help me, as soon as the side effects clear out.

I got up early, took my morning medicine, put on clothes, and washed the sleep off my eyes.
I went back to bed, and slept for most of the day.

My ASPA worker Kaarina came to visit me today at half past one o'clock in the afternoon, as we had agreed. It was okay, but I didn't find much to talk about.

I was a bit strapped for money because last week I had had to pay a healthcare bill, and a debt to a friend.
I had to go to the social office and apply for a food coupon to buy something to fill my refrigerator with, I got two 15 euro coupons, that is 30 euros altogether.
I bought a dozen eggs (and once back home, noticed that their best before- date was today) a can of milk (1.5 liters of milk costs 1,50 euros, while a liter of vitamin milk costs 1.65 euros), a can of juice (orange- carrot juice with lactic milk acid), six small tins of tuna, and a big cucumber. I also bought two boxes of tissues and some treats to feed my cravings; two small blueberry pies, and two bars of chocolate. Now that I think about it, I could have ditched the sweets and bought something else, but never mind, I deserve treats. And besides, I will receive 80 euros tomorrow.

Later the day I took part in the hang- out group in Myöhätuuli. We ate home- baked pita breads, they were scrumptious.

I visited Myyrmanni shopping center to look for a new backpack, because the one I bought from an army surplus store named Varusteleka in June has already got a huge tear in it.
I visited BR Lelut, a toy shop and my eye was caught by an adorable backpack, it had the picture of Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. I checked it out, it had lots of pockets and it was the right size, and didn't seem like it would tear too easily.
I asked the shop assistant to put it aside for me until Friday, that's when I receive more money.

Before going home, I sat on the bench in the yard, writing into my diary and enjoying my time being. I was using the glittery unicorn satchel I had received from Angel Lips as a Xmas present in 2013, it was a bit unpractical and the lining was peeling off.

Once back home, I took my nutritional supplements with the juice I had bought. It was orange- carrot juice with lactic acid bacteria, it's supposed to be healthy.

I should hoover the floor and wash a load of laundry, but it's getting late so I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

I watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Transformers: Animated on Netflix.

Tomorrow I have another ECT session, I have to be at Peijas at 9:20 am, the bus leaves at 7:37 am, and my alarm clock will ring at 6:30. I need to wash my hair as the first thing in the morning; when attending ECT, your hair has to be clean because that way the electrodes will stick better in your head.

I will receive the weekly allowance, I don't know yet how much it is going to be but I guess it's 80 euros, it has changed before.
I have already made a shopping list; I will buy two Spotify Premium gift cards from Ärrä, so that when one runs out, I have another at hand.
I also need to buy the basic groceries I couldn't afford to buy today; cheese, tomatoes, toast, rye bread, avocados, bananas, kiwis, oranges, juice, handkerchiefs, and then I will go to the eco- market in Kamppi to buy hand soap, floor soap, cotton swabs, and something else I probably forgot.

I was thinking of going to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road, I learned it will be shown at half past nine o'clock in the evening at the Kinopalatsi movie theater. It will end at twenty minutes to midnight, I won't be able to make it to the last train but fortunately the first train to Myyrmäki leaves at 14 minutes past midnight, I could go to Burger King for a while.
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