August 19th, 2015


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I had a dream I was listening to a song with an excerpt of the lyrics: “I’m never going back/the past is in the past” At first I thought it was from Starlight Express, but then I learned it was from the song Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack.

I got up pretty early, even before the alarm clock rang, brushed my teeth and took a shower and washed my hair.

I played Pokémon: RED on My Blastoise is on lvl 91 right now, and I managed to raise my Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot and Mankey into a Primeape. Right now I need just one new ‘mon and I will have approximately a hundred different ‘mons in my PokéDex.

I had another ECT session today, I made it to the hospital in time. It was a chilly morning, the dew had frozen into frost and my breath was fuming.

I don’t remember much from the moments before I was anesthetized, all I remember is that I woke up in a hospital room and I was so bewildered that I asked the nurse “Where in the world am I?” I had no slightest idea what I was doing in there, the shock treatment had made me so confused that I didn’t even remember why I was in the hospital at first place.

I was taken to a small room where I drank orange juice and coffee and ate an oatmeal cookie, and a nurse walked me to the cafeteria where mom was waiting for me. She had bought me a Karelian pie and an iced latte.

Me and mom walked to Rekola train station, took the K train to Hiekkaharju and then the I train to Martinlaakso, mom got off there and I continued my way to Myyrmäki.

Once there, I went to the bank to withdraw money as it was Wednesday again, and then I went to Myyrmanni and visited a toy shop named BR Lelut to buy a new backpack, because the army surplus backpack was already broken. The new backpack had a picture of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from the movie Frozen.

I felt hungry, so I went to Citymarket to buy Karelian pies. Then I went home, ate a little snack, and took a short nap.

I went out again, this time I visited Ärrä to buy a Spotify Premium gift card for a month- long subscription.

I took the bus 411 to Helsinki and went to an eco- market in Kamppi to buy floor cleaner, then I went home on the same bus.

Later the day I went to see my parents. I was happy that the weather was tolerable, the sun shone beautifully but the temperature was fine, it wasn’t scalding hot as it has been this summer.

I noticed that I don’t have much delusions, and I feel calmer and happier, and I also noticed that my handwriting is neater, and when I looked into the mirror in my parents’ home I couldn’t help but noticing that I looked somehow prettier. I never knew how much electrocuting your brain actually helps you :B

Once back home, I tidied up my apartment and fetched my laundry from the downstairs drying room.

Later this evening I am going to the movies to see Mad Max: Fury Road in 2D, I will be back home about at midnight. Toodles for now!
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