August 26th, 2015


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Today I had another session of electro- convulsive treatment at ten past nine o’clock in the morning. My alarm clock woke me up in time, I put on my clothes (a pair of simple black trousers and my Captain Awesome shirt), and went back to bed to sleep until it was time to catch the bus 574 to Peijas hospital.
I made it to the hospital in time; I laid on the bed, the nurse slid a needle into my arm and inserted the anaesthetic. I woke up in a small room with other patients, I drank a cup of coffee and ate a cookie.

My mom picked me up, she brought me a Karelian pie and a mint latte as usual.
We took the train to western Vantaa, she got off at Martinlaakso and I at Myyrmäki.

I went straight to the bank to withdraw money, I usually withdraw cash from the bank because that way I can get some humane contact, not to mention that my bank charges an euro for each withdraw made at the cash dispenser, and one month's worth of withdraws it costs a lot.

Then I went to Citymarket to buy groceries; chicken eggs, orange juice, milk, kiwifruits, tomatoes, bananas, and something else I probably cannot remember.

Once back home, I put the groceries to their rightful places and then I was off again, I had to make it to Helsinki in time because I had a therapy session at half past one o’clock in the afternoon.

I took the I train to Helsinki and made it to Kamppi in time, after the session we made a new appointment on September 10th at half past noon.

I went back to Myyrmäki on a train and visited Citymarket to buy my favorite treat, a small blueberry pie.

Later the day I went to see my parents, my mother didn't seem to mind. My brother seemed to be alright.

I asked my mother if she can buy me some milk, rye bread and a box where to store forks, knives, and spoons in the drawer.

Tomorrow I don't have any special appointments. I might go to Ateneum, an art museum that I like.
Next week I am going to the movies to see Inside Out with my friend Viivi.

I have decided to improve my life; after next week I am going to the hairdresser's, after that I am going to a beautician to treat my hands and feet. I also need to buy a new blanket and a pillow, and also new towels; three bath towels, the same amount of hand towels for bathroom and kitchen.
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 photo IMG_2047_zps3dizcnet.jpg

Kewpie doll sent to me by sweetcarolanne

 photo IMG_2045_zpscwpelgdm.jpg

Pinkie Pie plushie keyring

 photo IMG_2046_zps9jgkvqv8.jpg

My Little Pony hair accessory

 photo IMG_2044_zpsdcmqtt2w.jpg

My Frozen backpack, I have attached both the plushie keyring and the hair accessory into it

 photo IMG_2048_zpsnoxewobu.jpg

My Hello Kitty duvet cover
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