September 5th, 2015


Updating from my parents' laptop :)

Last night I had an amazingly beautiful dream where I had died and gone to Heaven; I grew angel wings on my back and soared through the sky like an eagle. I sang a song in my dream, and after waking up with a smile on my face, the song played on in my mind.

In the morning I didn't bother with brushing my teeth with my new toothbrush, I still had the flu symptoms and I decided not to transfer the flu bugs into my toothbrush; I shall brush them again when I am healthy enough.

I was supposed to go to the swim hall today, but as I had the flu, I didn't want to exhaust myself and besides, you're not supposed to go to the fitness center while you're sick like with flu or some other contagious illness, it's against the rules.

I washed my face and underbelly, anointed my skin with basic lotion, wore a pretty pink dress and a stripy shirt, had oatmeal porridge with organic honey and a glass of milk for breakfast.

I visited my parents' home this morning, I ran into my friend Lauski at the bus stop in Myyrmäki. We talked a bit, zie was on hir way to Jumbo to look for autumn clothes like shoes and jacket.

When in my parents' home, I made coffee and wrote into my diary.

Later the day when I went back home, I did plenty of housework; I hoovered and mopped the floor from corner to corner, including under the furniture, washed many loads of laundry, swabbed the kitchen counter and writing desk and bathroom sink, dusted my artifacts, and scrubbed the toilet bowl. I practically felt big fat drops of sweat drip down my brow as I toiled.

I went to Helsinki and visited Kiasma, the modern art museum, there was a new exhibition named Disobedience school, it was about anti- consumerism, anti- capitalism, and other political stuff.
Then I went to Ruohonjuuri, the eco- market in Kamppi, and looked for different tea brands and different kind of hygiene products. I have decided to buy coffee, both decaf and "real" coffee, and plenty of tea brands in case I get visitors, I want to treat them well.
I can safely drink coffee because I am no longer addicted to it, just like I am no longer addicted to chocolate.

Later the day when I was back at home, I went to Tikkurila on a bus to see where the eastern psychiatric clinic is resided because I have an appointment there next Monday. It was easy to find, I had no problem.

Once back home, I felt bored because I had already finished most of the housework, I washed the dishes and took out the carton-, paper- and metal waste to recycling.

I decided to go visit my parents' home again, I ran into Lauski again in the bus. We had a nice talk, it's always pleasant to run into friends randomly.

Once in my parents' home, I drank a cup of sweet milky coffee and updated my journal.

Tomorrow I need to wash my hair, and do rest of the housework; take the carpet out to dust it, and look through my closet, cupboards, drawers and such and find stuff to give away. I might also go to Helsinki again.
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