September 8th, 2015


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I had an inconsolable dream about Rautalampi, and an erotic nightmare. I got up about at half past eight o’clock, and had no problem doing the morning routines. I put on my blue Tyrolean dress with embroidered flowers and a stripy shirt, they looked adorable together.
When it was still early morning, I visited the nearby shopping center to return empty bottles and cans and made enough change to buy a liter of milk.
I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori and went to visit my parents’ home. I sorted out their mail and cleaned up the apartment, brewed some coffee with milk and sugar, wrote into my diary, and surfed on the Internet on their laptop.

I decided to wash my hair in the bathroom sink, it looked much better when it wasn't greasy and stringy.

Later the day I took the empty bottles and cans that my parents had produced, and returned them to the nearby Alepa. I made an euro and 40 cents, the recycling machine rejected a rosé wine bottle so I took it to the glass recycling.
I took the bus 421 to Helsinki and visited Kiasma, the modern art museum, I really enjoyed my time there but felt like I would enjoy it better if I brought some of my friends.

Then I visited some shops to plan for this week’s budget, I need to buy a lot of stuff from different shops such as pretty underwear (I have a severe shortage on underwear), ecological hygiene products (I have completely changed over to ecological hygiene products, and they don't come in cheap), new handbag (normally I use a backpack but when I go out to the home yard, such as take out the recycling or take the carpet out to dust it, I need to put my home keys and cellphone to a small handbag), and stuff like that.

I traveled to Vantaankoski on the bus 322, a group of grade school pupils traveled in the same bus and they kept on yelping and laughing, sounding like they were having orgasms. I took the bus 572 to Myyrmäki, and helped a gentle old lady find the tax bureau; I walked her to the main door, chatted with her breezily and told her to have a nice day.
Once home I picked up a new empty diary because I had managed to fill the old one up, drank a glass of water, and forgot to change my army coat into the kitty hoodie, it was warmer and sunnier outside.
I took the bus 572 to Mellunmäki. On the way there my grandmother called me, we talked a bit and she said I am welcome to visit her in the autumn.
Once in Mellunmäki, I took the subway train to Hakaniemi, and went to Girls’ House.

There were only a few visitors, they were filling out a jigsaw puzzle and drinking tea that smelled delightful. A charity organization had given us old bread and buns, I took two bags of cinnamon rolls because I already had a freezer full of bread. I drank three mugs of cocoa and talked with the other girls and women. Mirette wasn’t there today.

About at twenty past six o’clock in the evening I decided to leave, it was getting late. Fortunately I didn’t have the flu anymore and it wasn’t raining, so it was perfect time to walk through Kaisaniemi to the city center.

I barely made it to the P train, and travelled to Myyrmäki. Once home, I plugged my cellphone to the recharger, put the cinnamon roll bags into the freezer, and took all the clothes out of my closet, folded them, and put them back inside in neat piles.

Tomorrow I’ll receive money. I have decided not to buy candy, puddings, crisps, chocolate, or coffee drinks anymore, it uses up too much of my cash.
Tomorrow I will pay for this month’s Netflix subscription, and then I’ll go to the bank to withdraw the rest of the money. I will go to Myyrmanni, visit Cubus to buy a brassiere, then to Citymarket and buy a week’s worth of groceries; milk, vegetables, fruits, microwave soup, a pair of bamboo- cotton tights, a drying rack for laundry, and a broom and a dustpan.

If I have enough money left, I will buy spare lead for my mechanical pencils from the stationery shop, new panties from Cubus and H&M, and then go to movies to see Inside Out, preferably with a Premium seat and a huge tube of butter- flavoured popcorn. I also need to buy some stuff from the eco- market.

Tomorrow I am also going to hoover the floor of my apartment and scrub the toilet bowl, like every Wednesday.

I brushed my teeth and took my evening medicine, after I have updated my blogs I am going to have a wash and change into nighties and go to bed and wait for the greatly anticipated payday.
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