11th September 2015


I had a nightmare where I was being chased by my grade school bullies. In the dream I was running through a forest during a winter night, and the sun was rising in the horizon; the sunrise was beautiful, the winter night was beautiful, and the forest was beautiful, but I was panicking and scared about what the boys would do to me once they caught me.

Once I woke up, I felt happy because it had been only a dream, and I felt sad because it had been a nightmare.
I didn't bother with morning routines, I just took my morning medicine, washed the sleep off my eyes and anointed my face with lotion, and put on the first outfit I found from the closet.
Then I went to visit my parents' home, in the vain hope that my brother had remembered to leave the money promised by my parents on the living room bookshelf.

I took the bus 574 to Raappavuori, once in my parents' home there was no money and my brother hadn't obviously even been there. I was getting angry at him and worried about him at the same time.

I took a two-and-half hour nap, made coffee, surfed on the Internet, scribbled into my diary, and decided to take a shower because my hair was greasy and unkempt.

I washed my hair with blood orange- scented shampoo, scrubbed my body with lemon- scented shower gel, and after the shower I anointed my body with citrus- scented body lotion, I smelled very lemony after that.

I gave up and decided to head to Helsinki. I walked to Martinlaakso bus station and stopped at my brother's old school yard to swing, I love the swing sets in that school because they're these tight- woven black baskets where you can lie down with your whole body, when usually in swings you can only sit.

I took the bus 421 to Helsinki, my brother texted me and told me he was running errands in Helsinki and was going to visit home after that. Now that I think about it, I could have suggested him that we should meet in Helsinki since I was heading there anyway, but I didn't have the heart to bother him when he's busy.

Now that I think about it, I could have gone to many art museums, but instead I just went to shops to look for my kind of autumn fashion. As you can see I prefer the word "autumn" instead of "fall", because the first is more poetic.

I took the bus 421 to Raappavuori and went home, and my brother still hadn't visited! I stayed for the evening, puttering around the apartment, until I gave up and decided to walk to Myyrmäki.

Elyseé called me on the way and asked if she can visit me with Emjuso, I said it was alright and walked a bit faster.
They were waiting for me in my home yard, and both looked very pretty and stylish! We went to my home, chitchatted and cracked jokes and laughed, and adored the pictures on my walls. Later the evening they went to their own respectful homes.

I didn't bother with the evening routines, I just took my evening medicine, changed into nighties, took a hot shower and brushed my teeth, but that's all I did.
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