September 16th, 2015


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As usual in the mornings, I had bad dreams and got up early.

Because it was Wednesday, I replaced my towels as the first thing in the morning. Then I took my medicine, brushed my teeth, washed the sleep off my eyes, scrubbed myself with soap in the shower, anointed my body with hypoallergenic lotion, dressed into a pair of purple Daisy Duck pajama pants and a black long- sleeved shirt with red and green cherry bunch pattern. I didn't bother putting on jewelry.

After finishing my breakfast, I logged in to my online bank account and what do you know, it was 160 euros. I had received the weekly 80 euros from the social office, and the monthly 80 euros from my mother.

It was still early and I didn't bother waiting for the bank to open, so I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and withdrew the money from the cash machine. I prefer using cash when I go shopping.

I was wearing the vintage raincoat given to me by my mother, it was a bit rainy and chilly outside since autumn is arriving.

I went to Ärrä, a convenience store, to load my travel card so I can travel in the metropolitan area from today till October 15th. I also bought a Spotify Premium gift card, for some reason Spotify doesn't accept my debit card so I buy a gift card every month.

I took my broadband bill to the social office, then I took the bus 39 to Kamppi.

The first thing to do was to visit the UFF thrift shop on Freda to buy the multi- purpose Hello Kitty backpack, but what do you know, they didn't have it anymore. I felt a bit disappointed, but I was all Zen so I didn't let it bother me.

I went to the eco- market Ruohonjuuri to buy hygiene products; a rose- scented soap bar made of shea butter, two boxes of biodegradable Organyc panty liners, lemon-, lime- and grapefruit- scented hand soap in a pump- action bottle, another pump- action bottle of hand wash with seaweed extract, two Humble Brush toothbrushes, a brown apple- patterned cloth panty liner.
I prefer buying hygiene products in bulk; when I ran out of lip balm or laundry detergent or whatever, I have another bottle at hand. That way I will never run out.
I will also buy a cloth panty liner each Wednesday, until I have six of them.

I visited Kamppi shopping center and went to Tiger to buy a small colorful rag rug I will put under the coat rack in my home and put my shoes on it.

I traveled home on the P train and went to Citymarket to buy the usual groceries, milk and fruits and veggies, and also a pair of black cotton tights and a pair of black Sloggi Maxi panties.

I took my belongings home, put the food into the fridge and the hygiene products into the kitchen cupboard. I also put my new underwear into the laundry basket, I wash every single article of clothing I buy or receive second- hand, before I use them.

I scrubbed the toilet bowl like every Wednesday, by then I was feeling bored so I decided to head to Myyrmanni before going to see my nurse at the psychiatric clinic.

I visited the stationery shop to buy a green magic ink pen to write my diary with, the pink one was getting dry.

I was 20 minutes early but still went to the clinic to announce to the receptionist that I had arrived, I reasoned that better early than late.

I wrote into my diary, and then my nurse Saija picked me up, we went to their office.

Saija told me that I have slimmed out, and I am not as restless as I seemed to be before the electro- convulsive treatment.
I tried not to pretzel my body, I sat with my back straight with my legs neatly crossed and looked Saija in the eye. I also tried to converse as well as I could.
As usual, I completely forgot about what I had wanted to mention when visiting Saija, so we just chitchatted about my physical health, nutrition and exercise.
We made a new appointment on October 15th at two o'clock in the afternoon, then I left.

Once back home, I hoovered the floor and had an afternoon snack, then I sat about writing into my diary. Later I went to the swim hall, as it was a swimming day today.

Once in the fitness center, the screen on the portal to women's locker room announced that I have 7 swim hall visits left on my membership card.

I managed to swim only 75 meters and then I was so exhausted and out of breath and my muscles felt stiff and achy. I guess that my physical strength is still a bit low, but after working out at the gym, taking long walks and bike rides, and stretching and exercising at home, I might get fitter and stronger and I will be able to swim longer.

I went to the sauna, chatted and joked about with the other women, it did me good. Then I washed myself in the shower and went to the locker room to dry myself and anoint my body with lotion. Then I put on clothes and went back home.

Once home, I scrubbed my bathroom, and wiped the honey stains off the kitchen counter, and then I washed laundry. As the weather is getting colder, I have given up my My Little Pony Goes Rock hoodie, kitty hoodie, and keffiyeh scarf for this year, so I washed them too, and once they are dry I will put them into the closet and take them out when the weather gets warmer next spring.

I was thinking of going to visit my parents' home, but it was half past six o'clock in the evening (6:30 pm) and I prefer not going out after six.
I spent the rest of the evening doing this and that, and feeling a bit downcast. I have been cured of my depression, but I still feel unhappy in the evenings. I guess it's just tiredness, or low blood sugar.

I did all the evening routines in proper order, and went to bed to wait for a new day.