September 18th, 2015


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Last night when I was relaxing in my pajamas, I got an inspiration for something I have never done; I completely rewrote today’s entry into my real- life paper diary. I might have rewritten blog entries, but I have unwritten rules for diaries, they are almost sacred for me. Nevertheless, I turned on to another page, wrote “September 17th” and started writing. Yesterday’s entry had been just boring scribbles here and there, I had forgotten to write about my dreams and the fact that I shortened my fringe with my father’s dull nail scissors.
I managed to write all the way to the end, and then I put down my diary and magic ink pen and went to sleep.

I didn't have too bad dreams, except one where I accidentally locked myself out of my apartment, but found my keys later. I also had dreams where I watched romantic retro cartoons, made friends with Hemsworth!Thor and Hiddleston!Loki, played with plush bunny toys, read Emily the Strange comics, and visited Tokmanni to look for hairbrushes.

I woke up early as usual, and got up about at half past seven o'clock in the morning (7:30 am).
I took my morning medicine, had a wash, dressed into my Hello Kitty pajama pants and my Ramones sweater with an adorable Queen Elsa necklace and put two barrettes into my hair, but took them off later because they kept on dropping off.

Today in Finland, there is a massive strike and a protest because the right- wing government has done massive cuts on already low- paid worker's wages while increasing their working hours. The public transportation, trains and buses and such, might not move, and shops might be closed, or at least some of them.

After finishing my breakfast, I went out. It was a bit chilly but not too cold, a bit gray but at least it wasn’t raining, and the sun kept on peeking between the clouds and illuminating the world.

Myyrmanni shopping center was open, I went to Citymarket to look for sports brassieres to wear while going to the gym. I need to buy three of them, if I have only one it might get worn out too soon.

I walked all the way to my parents' home because I wasn't sure which bus lines were canceled today, and besides I want to get as much physical exercise as I can.

Once at my parents' home, I sorted out their mail and brewed a pot of coffee. I surfed on the Internet on their laptop.
I did facial muscle exercise, and foot exercise, and felt like my blood circulated better both in my head and toes ♡ I will do those exercises every day from now on, and I also need to buy a stress ball because squeezing it exercises your hand muscles.

Later the day I heard thunder rumbling. It started raining heavily, but I didn’t see any lightings.

When the rain ceased, I warmed some frozen peas for lunch, put things in order and then decided to leave.
I walked through the Pähkinärinne- Hämeenkylä- Vapaala- Varisto- Rajatorppa area, I was thinking of walking around Lammaslampi but decided to take a shortcut. Once in Myyrmäki, the clouds departed and the sun shone, I felt my cheeks glow and my legs get stronger.

I visited Myyrmanni and went to Hennes & Mauritz to look for sports brassieres. Their fall selection has some amazing clothes, too bad that once I am able to afford them, they will be sold out.

Once back home, I made two cups of sweet peppermint tea, took my clothes off the drying rack, ironed and folded them and put them into the closet. Then I washed the dishes, including the glass plate from the microwave, and my toothbrush mug, and the Charmmy Kitty mug where I keep the scissors.
I also prepared for tomorrow’s cleaning routine by rolling up the carpet and putting it to the balcony.

By then I was running out of things to do, so I decided to go to the gym. Fortunately it was open today, despite the massive strike.

The wind blew hard outside, and it rained but not too hard.

Once in the gym, I worked out by the usual routine; I walked on the treadmill on the Manual setting for 20 minutes, six and half kilometers an hour, and then four minutes on the Cool Down setting, a little slower. I let my arms swing freely and breathed through my nose.
Then I tried each of the exercise machines that were available, I did 20 lifts on each side of my body, and then I left.

After the gym visit, I was thinking of going to visit my parents’ home once again, but it was getting late and I didn’t feel like walking anymore. And besides, if I go out when it’s late, once I return home I am either sleepy or energetic, and I don’t feel like doing the evening routines.

I went back home, made a couple of sandwiches and a cup of tea, surfed on the Internet, then I took my medicine, changed into pajamas, had a wash and then went to bed but took my diary and laptop along.

Tomorrow I will do the weekly housework, that is, hoover and mop every inch of the floor, take the carpet out to dust it, take out the recycling, scrub the kitchen counter and writing desk, dust my artifacts, keep the kitchen window and balcony door open to let fresh air in, and I might also wash my curtains in the laundry because I have never once washed them while I owned them.
I will also go to the swim hall, this time I will keep longer breaks between swimming so I won't run out of breath and give up too soon. I should also stay in the sauna for a longer time.
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