September 28th, 2015


Swallowed by the sea

Seriously, I hate having dreams when I sleep. Almost all the dreams I ever have are nightmares.
Last night I dreamed I went to school where I was bullied, and I failed every test. I also had a dream about being attacked by Neo- Nazis. Still, it's something to mull over with my therapist. And at least it gives me a reason to get up earlier, so I don't sleep all the way over noon.

I woke up about at half past eight o'clock in the morning. It was a tad bit early and I still felt like sleeping, but I didn't feel like having any more nightmares, so I got up and took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and underbelly, anointed my body with basic lotion, spent a long time pondering about what kind of outfit I should wear today, and finally settled for a pink Dirndl dress and a grey Ramones shirt. I ate a healthy breakfast and took my nutritional supplements.

My grandmother called me and we talked about how we have been doing, she said I am allowed to visit later this autumn. She also said I sound very chipper.

Later the day I went to see my parents who returned from their vacation to the USA yesterday.

I took a bus to Raappavuori, both mom and dad were home. They were both tanned, mom looked chipper and dad mentioned that he was still feeling a bit dizzy due to the jet- lag.

They had brought me a Fuzzybones cat statue, it's a nice add to my artifact collection. I also got a red and black Chattanooga Choo- Choo nightshirt, and my mom said that I am not allowed to wear it in public. I guess she has had enough of her only daughter walking around in public in pajama pants.
She also gave me a bottle of luxurious orchid- scented body lotion, but I had to decline because I can only use pharmacy- bought basic lotion. My skin is terribly sensitive, I might get an allergic reaction from using scented lotions.

I drank coffee and ate the scrumptious peanut butter cookies my mom had bought.

Later the day I walked to Martinlaakso train station and took the I train to Helsinki.

I walked to Hakaniemi through Kaisaniemi, and visited a shop named Euron Kauppa (Euro Shop). I noticed that they had adorable Hello Kitty shoulder bags and lots of ornaments.

I visited Girls House; I wrote into my diary, and I was happy when Mirette came over. We hugged each other and talked about stuff.

Later the day I traveled back to Myyrmäki, and visited Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping mall. They had many amazing clothes and jewelry for sale, too bad I won't be able to afford them.
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