October 2nd, 2015


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Last night I was still experiencing mania, I had to down three tranquillizers so I would calm down enough to fall asleep.
During the evening I ate supper, took my evening medicine, had a wash, fetched my nighties from the downstairs drying room, put on my new Chattanooga Choo Choo nightie and went to bed.
Usually when I go to bed in the evenings I don't feel too good; I usually feel morose and apathetic and I suddenly remember every single mistake I have done in my life, but this time I slept sweetly because the tranquillizers had finally worked; took them long enough. I felt like if I closed my eyes tightly enough, I would never wake up again.

I had a dream where the characters Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket from the cartoon Gravity Falls adopted me as their daughter. They had a luxurious apartment on Fredrikinkatu in Helsinki and lots of cash, and I still felt unhappy.

I slept very late, about till half past one o'clock in the afternoon, and I thought about lazing in my nighties all day. I took my morning medicine, ate two satsumas, and turned on my laptop.

Later the day I decided to go visit my mom because I didn't feel like spending all day inside, so I put on some nice clothes and called my mom to announce that I am coming over. She said it was okay.

It was an amazingly beautiful day, the sun shone and the temperature was pleasantly chilly and the autumn colors were gorgeous. I was thinking of walking to Raappavuori, but my PMS combined with low blood sugar and uncomfortable shoes prevented that.
I took the bus 572 to Martinlaakso station, then the bus 565 to Raappavuori.

Once home, mom was about to go for a walk. After she left, Suavecita called me and we talked about things and stuff, she said that she had seen a doppelgänger of Benedict Cumberbatch in a bank.

As it was a hair- washing day, I took a shower. I scrubbed my body, washed and conditioned my hair, after drying myself I anointed my body with basic lotion and dressed up again.

Mom came home from her walk, we drank coffee and ate chocolate chip ice cream.
Later the day we went grocery shopping together; mom bought coffee grounds, milk, fruits, cold cuts, and she also bought a chili- flavored chocolate bar for me.

I walked to the bus station and took the bus 571 to Myyrmäki, and visited Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping mall. I asked the shop assistant about shoes, I need to buy a comfortable pair of shoes. I still love my vegan biker boots, but they're really uncomfortable.
I fitted a pair of shoes, they were made of black fake leather and they a handy zipper, and they weren't too expensive. I am going to buy them this month.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, clothes and towels. I boiled two eggs for supper and made a toasted sandwich with tomato slices for supper. I brought my bicycle inside and pumped the tires full of air, and decided that from now on I am going to keep my bicycle inside.
I dealt my medicine into my Dosett, I noticed that I am running out of Ketipinor. I better call the psychiatric clinic on Monday and ask them to renew my Ketipinor prescription.
I rolled up the carpet and took it to the balcony in preparation for the weekend, because that's when I tidy up my home from floor to ceiling.
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