October 7th, 2015


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Yesterday evening when I was packing my bags for today’s trip to my grandmother’s at Kangasala, I got a crick in my lower back, to the area right between my waist and butt. Once again, it happens every once in a while; when I hang the laundry on a drying rack, or bend over the bathroom basin to wash my face, I get the same crick.
I really should consult a doctor about my bad back, and get some painkillers and advice on how I should exercise and strengthen the muscles to avoid the same pain in the future.

The evening wasn’t as morose as the evenings before, because I discovered LiveJournal again, to the point where I was so hyper that I didn’t bother with doing the evening routines. I took my evening medicine, and put on my new Chattanooga Choo Choo nightshirt, and then went to bed.

I woke up very early because of my back pain, and got up early because I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and I couldn’t find a painless sleeping position.

I took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, took a shower and washed my hair with rose- scented shampoo, and washed my body with rose- scented soap.
I wanted to look neat and clean when I go see my grandmother, she would be happy.

I decided to do a little housework; Wednesday is another housework day, and besides I wanted my apartment to be in a tiptop condition when I return from Kangasala.
I scrubbed the toilet bowl, and washed the dishes, and decided to hoover the floor after midday.

I turned on my laptop and logged in to the online bank service. I had received 100 euros instead of the usual 80 euros, and grandmother had given me a tenner. Wow, I felt like Scrooge McDuck, better watch out for the Beagle Boys.

I still had to wait for the bank to open, so I took a nap. I slept sweetly despite the back pain, but soon I got bored so I got up. The bank opens at 10 am, and it was 8:40 am.

I took my nutritional supplements with the fruit juice. I was happy that the juice wasn’t as sweet as regular orange juice, otherwise I would have gulped it down in one hour, so it’s going to last for a longer time in my household. It tastes a bit weird, but it’s drinkable and besides, it was lots of vitamins and other nutrients.

I decided to go withdraw the money at the cash machine, then I did some purchases and then I went to Citymarket to buy a Starbucks white chocolate latte and two small blueberry pies.

I was going to the movies today to *finally* see Inside Out, the new Pixar*Disney movie. I had plenty of time so I took the bus.
I met my friend Tintti at the bus station, she looked very cheerful. We talked for a moment, and then I had to make it to the bus.

The Starbucks white chocolate latte made me think of Xmas.
I will spend this year’s Xmas at my parents’, and I will buy them some practical gifts even if we agreed that we wouldn’t buy gifts anymore; my mother needs sharper household scissors, my father would like the Grass shower gel from LUSH, and I have been thinking of buying my family members a “World’s best Mother/Father/Brother” mug. I am also going to buy presents for Suavecita, Emjuso and Elyseé, along with Sugar Lips and Carol Anne.

Once in Helsinki, I took the subway to Kaisaniemi and went to Kinopalatsi movie theatre.
It was quite early in the morning, it wasn’t even eleven o’clock yet, I thought I was going to be the only one in the theatre. At the last moment, a group of probably 11 – 14 year- olds arrived and made a lot of noise and threw popcorn about.

I decided not to buy popcorn, I have decided to cut down on the treats. The white chocolate latte and the blueberry pies had been enough for me, and besides, I possibly can’t enjoy my movie theatre popcorn without the butter- flavoured powder; you can buy a small bag of the flavoured powder for extra 50 cents, but in the past you could put as much as you liked on your popcorn for free.

Once in the movie theatre, I put my gloves and scarf into my backpack and took off my coat.

As usual in Pixar movies, they showed a small animation. This was about two humanized volcanoes who fall in love, I read from Tumblr that it was inspired by a Hawaiian artist and his wife. The girl volcano looked very pretty, and the song they sang together made tears prickle in my eyes.

The movie itself, Inside Out was in 2D and Finnish dubbing. It’s about a 11- year- old girl named Riley and her humanized feelings who live inside her head; the leader is named Joy, who keeps Riley happy; Anger, who takes care that Riley is treated fairly; Disgust, who prevents her being poisoned, both literally and socially; Fear, who prevents dangers, and Sadness, who doesn’t know what she is supposed to do, other than only make Riley sad.
I really enjoyed watching the movie, it made me think about my own memories and emotions. I left the theatre in high spirits.

I went to a supermarket to buy two cute hair bands, then I took the P train to Myyrmäki and bought a pair of reflective shoelaces that raise a fund for the Pink Ribbon campaign. I am going to use them as a necklace, I might also have to find a proper ribbon for them I also bought a 3D postcard with a picture of a unicorn with cherry blossoms and ferns.

Once back home, I put my stuffs in order, did a little housework, packed the rest of my stuff and surfed on the Internet.

Later the day it was time to leave, so I drew the curtains and took one last look at my apartment, and then I hauled my backpack and suitcase to the train station.

I had to run in order to make it to the subway to Kamppi, and then to the Greyhound bus station, and by some wondrous miracle, I made it to the Greyhound bus in time.

I had taken my laptop along to the Greyhound, so I could surf on the Internet and write.

I couldn’t find a proper position to sit while holding my laptop, and besides I was feeling sick because I hadn’t eaten anything else than treats. And besides, I usually get sick when I read books, write into my diary, or tap away at my cellphone while in a moving vehicle.

I called my mother, and my friends Suavecita and Emjuso. The latter said that she has a role in a play named Prinssi joka katsoi mustaan lähteeseen (“the prince who looked into a black fountain”). It’s about a prince who has a psychosis, it sounds interesting. I decided that I am going to leave on Saturday, so I can go see the play on Sunday because by now it’s going to be shown only on the weekend.

I have been thinking of ordering stickers from Etsy.com and sticking them onto my laptop, it would look amazing. I have also been thinking of buying some feminist stickers and putting them on my door (and taking them off when I move) to see how many insecure misogynists I can piss off.

The Greyhound bus arrived to Kangasala a bit late, but I didn’t mind. I walked to my grandmother’s house, she couldn’t come to the bus station because she is a bit tired and achy, but nevertheless, she was happy to see me and complimented that I look very cheerful.

For supper I had rice porridge, cherry tomatoes, a boiled egg and another sliced on a sandwich, and apple pie for dessert.

I made my bed in grandmother’s bedroom, set up my laptop and put my toothbrush and Dosett to a visible place, then I made coffee.

OK, it’s getting late and I should work on my novels and then go to sleep. Tomorrow I will go for a walk in the neighbourhood and all my favorite places in Kangasala.

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Today's blessings:
🍫 Waking up early
🍫 Receiving more money than anticipated
🍫 Eating lots of treats
🍫 Seeing the movie Inside Out, and the short animation Lava which almost made me feel so emotional that I cried ;3;
🍫 Buying lots of nice stuff
🍫 Making it to the Greyhound bus just in time!
🍫 Spending a couple of days at my grandmother's
🍫 Going to see a play on Sunday
🍫 The autumn colors are gorgeous, the sunshine is beautiful, and the temperature is pleasantly nippy

Food intake:
🍫 A glass of fruit juice with my nutritional supplements
🍫 Two small blueberry pies
🍫 Starbucks white chocolate latte
🍫 Seven cherry tomatoes
🍫 A bowl of rice porridge
🍫 A slice of home- made apple pie
🍫 Boiled egg
🍫 Rye bread sandwich with egg

Money spending:
🍫 Greyhound bus tickets to Kangasala and back
🍫 Pair of reflective shoelaces from the Pink Ribbon campaign
🍫 3D postcard with a picture of a galloping unicorn among cherry blossoms and ferns
🍫 Pair of Moomin hair bands
🍫 Starbucks latte and the blueberry pies

🍫 In the morning I took a shower, washed my hair and body and anointed my face and body with basic lotion, and brushed my teeth
🍫 In the evening I brushed my teeth , also washed my face and anointed it with lotion, and washed my underbelly

🍫 Scrubbed the toilet bowl
🍫 Washed the dishes