8th October 2015


🌹 Not having nightmares, instead I had a funny dream about Lord of the Rings
🌹 Eating lots of delicious, healthy food
🌹 Going for a walk a couple of times
🌹 The landscapes around here are amazingly beautiful
🌹 Visiting the library and borrowing my favorite book
🌹 Eating chocolate

Food intake:
For breakfast I had a bowl of rice porridge with blueberry soup and a glass of milk, and also some cherry tomatoes.
For lunch I had salmon soup, and a rye bread sandwich with beetroot slices and blue cheese, for dessert I had lingonberry porridge with milk.
For afternoon snack I had apple pie with cream, and lingonberries with milk and sugar.
In the evening I ate one Milky Way bar and a tube of chocolate buttons with caramel center.

I stretched my body, did the face muscle exercises, and went for two walks.

In the morning I brushed my teeth, washed my face and anointed my face with grandmother’s Bellavita lotion.
In the evening I brushed my teeth, washed my face and underbelly, and anointed my face with the same lotion.

I helped grandmother to wash the windows and hoovered the balcony floor.

One cheezburger plz.

I slept pretty well and had nice dreams, except that my lower back still pained me but not as badly as before.
I had a dream about meeting with the Fellowship of the Ring, they hid into bushes from me and I sat down on a rock to eat Jellybabies and shouted “I already know you’re in there, just come on out!”

I woke up early, but I didn’t feel like getting up yet so I just lied in bed, dreaming my dreamy little dreams. I thought about how I should continue my novel, I have plenty of neat ideas but I don’t know how to write them down.

I got up after sunrise, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and since I had forgotten to bring a tube of basic lotion, I dabbed some of grandmother’s Bellavita +30 night cream on my face, and put on fresh clothes.
My grandmother complimented that my dark blue Dirndl dress looks very beautiful.

For breakfast I had a bowl of rice porridge with blueberry soup, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and a cup of coffee.
Then I went walkabout, I was thinking of going to the lake shore but I forgot which way I should go, so I just visited the local supermarket to buy three liters of milk for grandmother. She had given me the money for it.

Once back at grandmother’s place, I took my nutritional supplements and wrote into my diary.
Grandmother, who is a real health enthusiastic, warned me about taking so many nutritional supplements (I take garlic oil capsules, because it’s good for my immune system; biotin, because it’s good for hair and nails and skin; chrome supplement, because I have read that it decreases your sweet cravings; vitamin D, omega 3 oil capsules, and multivitamin) because it might harm my liver, and told me that I should consider talking to a doctor about it.
I told her it is okay, I have been thinking about going to a routine check- up at the local health center anyway.
I no longer feel annoyed about her way of sharing advice about healthy lifestyle, I know she does it because she loves me.

Grandmother went to the marketplace to buy some groceries, while she was away I did some stretches and exercises. They made me feel good and soothed my aching back.

I should exercise every day, do stretches for my whole body and exercise my feet and face muscles. Next week I am going to recharge my fitness center membership card and then I am going to continue my workout routine.

When grandmother came home, we cooked lunch and ate it together; salmon & vegetable soup, rye bread sandwiches with beetroot and blue cheese, for dessert I had lingonberry porridge and coffee.

I went for a walk, this time I remembered the way to the forest near the lake.
I walked about in the lake shore and the forest surrounding it. The landscapes were so beautiful it almost made me cry happy tears.
I visited the library to lend a book named Syysprinssi (“autumn prince”) by my favorite author, Anja Kauranen.
It’s about a woman who meets her ex- lover, who has received electroshock therapy in a psychiatric hospital and has thus lost his memory. The woman goes to visit the man in the hospital, and tells him the story of their past somewhere between the era of beatniks and the era of punk rockers.
I enjoy reading that book when I visit my grandmother, it reminds me of Tampere even if it’s supposed to be located in Helsinki. It’s because about five years ago me and my grandmother visited my auntie in Tampere, she had many books by Anja Kauranen in her bookshelf. I picked the aforementioned one and read it in one sitting, and truly enjoyed it. I think it’s one of my “core memories”.

I helped grandmother wash the windows of her apartment, and also remove the furniture, boxes, and other stuff from the balcony in order to hoover it and then put the furniture and boxes and other stuff back there. After that I had a snack, apple pie with cream, and lingonberries with milk and sugar.

I spent most of the rest of the day writing into my diary, surfing on the Internet, and playing Pokémon: RED on PlayR.org. I have decided to raise my Psyduck into a Golduck, and also raise my Chansey at least to level 50. It recently learned the move Minimize.

Later the evening I went for a walk again, or actually popped to the local supermarket to buy a Milky Way chocolate bar and a tube of chocolate buttons with caramel center.

For supper, we had the same salmon soup and beetroot- blue cheese on rye bread we had for lunch.

I called my gurlfriendz Elyseé and Suavecita and asked her if she wants to accompany me when I go see the play where our friend Emjuso has a role.
We agreed not to go to the premiere, but rather see the play in a couple of weeks.
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