October 9th, 2015


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🎠 I wish I could stop scratching myself; all my life I have had a sensitive, dry skin, and every time it gets dry I start scratching myself. When I was a kid, I used to scratch my legs so much that they bled and got these small bumps like mosquito bites.

🎠 Nowadays my skin is healthier, but I still keep on scratching myself, whether it's my back, groin, armpits or face, and I wish I could stop doing that but I always do it without even realizing it, and if I don't scratch myself, the itch just gets worse.
That's another thing to consult a doctor about, I have planned to have a routine check- up every year; I need to ask my doctor why do I always feel the need to drink so much water, and if nutritional supplements are harmful for me.
I should also give a blood sample, I need to know if I have some trouble with my blood sugar; it could be linked to my constant water consumption and sweet cravings, and also check out if I have a lack of some sort of nutrient.

🎠 I have decided to keep on buying ecological products, no matter how expensive they are.
On 22nd October I will receive my monthly allowance, about 108 euros, I will buy two of each hygiene product I need, whether domestic (toilet cleaner, scouring liquid, universal cleaning spray, floor soap, laundry detergent, dish- washing liquid, dish- washing brushes, trash bags) or personal hygiene (toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes, toilet paper, paper towels, paper handkerchiefs, hand soap, soap bars, cotton swabs, earpicks), and stash them into my kitchen cupboards. When I run out of one product, I will buy another, and that way I will never run out of them.

🎠 I have decided to take up knitting again. Eons ago I promised my sweet, sweet friend Zoya that I would knit her socks to keep her poor feet warm, but it proved to be easier said than done.
I have also been thinking of knitting a Doctor Who scarf for Hippi.
And perhaps I could knit socks and mittens and scarves and give them to charity.

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Last night I had a dream where I was naked in a public place, or not exactly naked but I wasn’t wearing a shirt. I wondered if I was morally allowed to steal clothes from a shop so I could cover my body.
I tried stealing a Globe Hope blouse (it was a warm brown knitted blouse with one thick black stripe, a wide neckline with black raschel lace) from Martinlaakso library, but I didn’t feel like betraying all the librarians who had been so nice towards me.

I got up at nine o’clock in the morning when grandmother asked me if I should start getting up. I washed my face and dabbed lotion on it, then I put on my purple Dirndl dress and a stripy blouse.

I had rice porridge with sugar and cinnamon for breakfast, along with a handful of cherry tomatoes and a cup of coffee with milk and sugar.

Before lunch grandmother sent me to the supermarket to buy potatoes, rye bread, and milk.
We ate lunch together and took a catnap, grandmother on the living room sofa and me in her bedroom which is usually my bedroom when I visit her. After the nap we had afternoon coffee with cookies and home- baked buns.

Grandmother accompanied me when we went to the sauna so I could take a shower and wash my hair; grandmother has a shower stall in the bathroom of her apartment, but the doors of the stall do not hold the water inside, so she has to dry the bathroom floor after every shower. That’s extremely tiresome for an old, ailing person like her. That’s why she showers in the common sauna.
Before going to the sauna, I helped grandmother take some potato sacks to the cold room where the residents keep their food.
I washed my hair and my body, and dabbed basic lotion on my skin, dressed up, and after leaving I helped grandmother to fetch some winter coats from the storage room.

For dinner we had pancakes, lingonberry porridge, apple pie, raspberries and blueberries and I also made a cup of coffee.

I went to the balcony to sit on an armchair and write into my diary, but didn’t feel like sitting too long so I wouldn’t catch a cold.

For the rest of the evening, I surfed on the Internet, wrote messages for my friends, and made plans for Halloween.

Tomorrow I will travel back to the metropolitan area, my Greyhound bus leaves the station at 9:35 am. I will be home about at midday, I don’t need to do housework except probably hoover the floor and wash laundry.