October 18th, 2015


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Last night I managed to take my evening medicine and brush my teeth, but I didn’t feel like doing the rest of the evening routines, or washing the dirty dishes that have been sitting in the sink for goddess knows how many days now.
I have taken up the habit of washing the dishes every evening, I don’t want them to stay in the sink overnight because they might get mouldy and start to stink.
But anyway, I forgave myself because I am not always so good at grown- up stuff. And besides, at least I managed to take my medicines and brush my teeth, so that’s a plus.

I went to sleep early, about at eight o’clock. I slept pretty well, and woke up early in the morning but I slept a bit later.
I had a dream about the Disney*Pixar movie Big Hero 6, and in another dream I received a package from a friend and I was really happy about it. Another dream was about the money my dad gave me yesterday, I wanted to spend it in a fast food restaurant that had a pirate motif.
I also had dreams about joining a roller derby group, and riding my bicycle in summer.

I got up at eleven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth, washed my face and underbelly, rubbed basic lotion on my skin, dressed up, and didn’t bother with breakfast. But I managed to take my nutritional supplements with fruit juice.
I noticed that my neck hurt a bit, and the toes of both of my feet also hurt.

I decided to go visit my parents. I was already in the bus 574 when I called my mother, she had come back from the cruise. She said it was okay that for me to come over.

Once in my parents’ home, mom and dad were watching a TV movie about Abraham Lincoln.
I made coffee and ate a little snack, surfed on the Internet, then I kissed and hugged mom and dad and told them to take care.

I took the bus 421 to Helsinki and visited the eco- market Ruohonjuuri to buy two wooden dish- washing brush heads, those that can be replaced along with the brush handle. And they’re biodegradable as well.

I travelled to Myyrmäki on the bus 411, and visited the stationery shop to buy some spare lead for my mechanical pencil.
I also bought my currently favorite treats, chocolate buttons with caramel center, and iced coffee, and felt a bit miserable for spending daddy’s money. But then again, money is meant for spending, and at least I managed to buy the brush heads and spare lead, so it wasn’t completely wasted.
I also thought that I deserve a little treat, but then again, I have been eating practically nothing but those aforementioned treats, chocolate candies and iced coffee, for a while now.
I know it’s good to pamper yourself every once in a while, but I have been pampering myself too much. I have decided to cut down my candy & coffee consumption, considering my own health such as my teeth and my blood sugar and that I have gained weight, and also, caffeine has caused me a lot of problems.

Once back home, I decided to spend the rest of the day doing housework.
I washed four loads of laundry (first the towels and bedlinen, then half of the clothes in my laundry basket, then the canvas bags where I keep the recycling, then my backpack because it had stains from iced coffee), hoovered and mopped the visible part of the floor, took out the recycling, and kept the kitchen window and balcony door open to let fresh air in.
I also managed to wash the dishes in the evening.

In the evening I took my medicine and brushed my teeth, then I washed my face and anointed my skin with basic lotion. I also dealt my medicine into my Dosett, and considering that all of my nighties were hung on the drying rack, I decided to go to bed wearing my bathrobe.

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office to pick up my new broadband thingamajig, go to the health center to renew my Aqualan L prescription, and do the rest of the housework; hoover and mop the floor under the furniture, swab the writing desk and kitchen counter, scrub every inch of the bathroom, and rummage through my closets and cupboards and look for stuff to give away to charity, and also take some stuff to the storage room.
Tomorrow there is also some sort of neighbourhood happening at my home street, the residents will rake the leaves and mow the grass and pick up the trash on the streets, also we will have a barbeque, and there will be a ladies’ sauna in the evening! I am so going there, I love going to saunas and I would love to get to know my neighbours.
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