5th November 2015


Why humans are the cutest animals ever, by Tumblr user whoopsrobot

1. They know that automatic doors open by themselves, ut when they walk towards them they slow down just in case. Sometimes they hold out their hands and pretend it’s magic.

2. They adopt smaller animals and live with them in their homes, sometimes imitating noises and sounds in attempts to communicate.

3. When they see something funny on TV, they immediately repeat it, sometimes to other people who were already in the room watching to begin with.

4. When they like being around someone very much, some humans will take clothing items from the person to have their smell around when they’re gone.

5. Many humans will take their favorite foods away from their regular feeding areas and hold off on eating them until they are sufficiently comfortable and entertained, to maximize on the experience.

6. Sometimes, a human will associate a particular song with an individual or event, and the song will invoke deep emotional reactions.

7. While many humans prefer to sleep alone, a large number of them sleep better when in close contact with another human who they trust and enjoy the company of.

8. When a human is particularly engaged by an enjoyable task or hobby, sometimes they simply forget that their bodies require basic care to survive.

9. Sometimes the urge for them to sneeze suddenly disappears, and they become frustrated with their automatic immune responses

10. Some humans talk in their sleep, or make funny noises or breathing patterns.

11. When a human likes another human, they begin to imitate vocal patterns and mannerisms.

12. Humans come in a wide range of shapes and colors, and many humans will decorate themselves with flashy dyes or fabrics.

13. They will collect random objects with no set objectives in mind- they will gather items such as paper squares, lengths of fabric, puzzle games, and pleasantly-shaped rocks, which they will excitedly show off to other humans.
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watchingtv/movies together
going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.
going on dates like to the movies or shopping
sharing secrets
sharing drinks
phone calls
touching noses
philosophical discussions
hand holding
sharing jokes
sharing smiles
laying your head on someone’s shoulder
linking arms
playing with hair
scratching backs
tracing designs on arms
talking about the future
a hand written note
moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.
singing together or playing instruments together
feeding each other
drawing/writing on one another
brushing your partners hair
sharing food
sitting knee to knee across from each other
doing beauty treatments like facials or manicures, hairdying or face masks
reading books together
take care of your partner when sick
talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/this relationship)
cooking together
discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions,stuff)
being physically/emotionally vulnerable
just sleeping together,
an actual open honest conversation
bathing and taking care of hygiene together
butterfly kisses
telling on-the-fly stories
meditating or sharing spirituality
sharing hobbies
sharing personal stories
summoning Satan
seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up
moral support for major events
crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other
listening to someones heartbeat or breathing
being with animals together
going on trips together
sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items
sharing online social media
cleaning someone else’s living space
going with them to a doctor/therapist
doing art together
kissing different body parts
making out
volunteer together
work together
talking about wants and desires
experience new things together
do an extracurricular together
play games together
play sports together
walking together
being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things,open doors for them etc.)
sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)
giving each other presents, special things from the heart
talking about and respecting each others boundaries
public displays of affection
grooming in front of each other
wrestling or play fighting
texting/talking online
looking in each other’s eyes
complimenting each other
falling asleep over skype or chat
making faces at each other
sky watching
write poetry
inside jokes
respect each other
tell them how you feel about them
get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)
go for a ride together
close your eyes and memorise each others faces with your fingers
walk arm in arm
make a playlist together
make up your own words or slang
go out to eat
list each other’s best features
bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath
go shopping together
throw a party or other event together
leave love notes
exercise together
exchange something meaningful
try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions
sit back to back and feel each other’s heartbeat
learn their favorite food and make it
run errands together
look at photos together
take photos together
go people watch
have a staring contest
learn something new together
take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded
get to know each others family and friends
draw or sculpt each other
paint each other’s bodies
play with kids together
practicing a skill together
sharing food
being in comfortable clothes together
waving goodbye
being comfortable with each other’s bodily functions
any others you can think of?

Society: Pedophiles are scum! They should be castrated!

Also society:
*sells onesies with prints like "studmuffin" and "future trophy wife*

*calls baby boys "flirts" and "charmers" for smiling*

*sexualises girls' bodies at an early age, teaches that maturity and innocence alike is a turn- on for dirty old men*

*thinks that 6- year- old male and female playmates cannot have a platonic relationship*

*thinks "beautiful woman" has child- like features such as huge blue eyes and peachy skin*
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Usually when I tell people that another person said something nasty to me, their first reaction is to ask me, why do I care so much about other people's opinions?

Now listen up, sugar. Opinion is something like, "this ice cream tastes hideous", "this song is overrated".

Insulting, harassing, bullying, abusing, and degrading other people is not the same as an opinion, no matter if you try to excuse your insult by saying "That's just my opinion!"