November 30th, 2015


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Last night I slept on the sofa- bed because my mattress was in the balcony, so it would get aired. It’s been a while since I last let it get refreshed.
I slept very well and had nice dreams, it was nice not having nightmares for a while.
In the morning I noticed that my back didn’t hurt anymore. There was a strange feeling in it, but it wasn’t too painful.

I got up at half past ten o’clock in the morning, and managed to do the morning routines; take my morning medicine, brush my teeth, wash my face and neck, shower my underbelly, lotion my skin, dress into clean clothes.
When I was putting on my tights, I remembered that I had forgot to do the stretches, exercises, and yoga I was supposed to do every morning, but I was so Zen that I didn’t let it bother me. I decided to do them tomorrow morning.

After breakfast, I called my mom and told her I am going to visit them, and this time I will ride my bicycle to their place. Mom said she is going to visit IKEA today and asked me to come too, but told me not to wear pyjama pants. I told her I am wearing a Dirndl dress and a Monster High blouse, she said it was okay.

I rode my bicycle to Raappavuori. The weather was nice, calm and pleasantly chilly, and there was a slight sunshine.

Both mom and dad were home. I ate lunch with mom, even if I had eaten a breakfast a while ago. For lunch we had fried potatoes, omelette roll filled with chive- flavoured cream cheese, and grated carrots and turnips. All the foods tasted delicious, but the grated turnips smelled bad.

Later the afternoon, me and mom took the bus 565 to Espoo, we were going to visit the IKEA where we bought my drawer. Lauski was in the same bus, we talked for a while and then I asked if she wants to come to mine and Suavecita’s birthday party on December 12th.

Once in IKEA, mom bought a grey cotton tablecloth and told me she can buy me a duvet set as an early birthday present. I found one with a really colourful design, but they didn’t have them in smaller size, only those for couples in queen- sized beds.
Mom bought a small bar of chocolate, we ate it on the bus back to Raappavuori. Dad had gone to Itis to look for new clothes.

I drank two cups of coffee, then I hugged and kissed mom goodbye and told them to take care, and then I left. It was getting dark already.

I rode my bicycle to Myyrmäki, once home I decided not to go to the gym today. On Sundays the Myyrmäki fitness center, both the gym and swim hall, are open till five o’clock in the evening; or actually, you can access them both until five o’clock in the evening, but you absolutely have to leave at half past five o’clock.

I went to the shopping mall to buy an iced latte and look for Xmas stuff. I visited a toy shop named BR Lelut, I saw a super cute baby seal toy and picked it up. It started blinking its eyes, yapping like a baby seal, and moving its flippers and tail. I wondered if it was possessed by Satan, or if it would pee on me. I put it back.
I noticed that BR Lelut and Hennes & Mauritz sell lots of Frozen merchandise. But of course.

I also visited Hennes & Mauritz to look for a simple pair of black trousers, preferably with pockets, and preferably in large size because the aforementioned shop sells very small clothes.
I found one pair of trousers and took it to the fitting room, they fit me perfectly.
To be honest, the only kind of pants I like are pyjama pants, but I might need something decent. It does no harm, anyway. And besides, the trousers cost only 20 euros, it’s perfect for my budget.

I also visited Life, a health shop, to look for nutritional supplements; vitamin D, multivitamin, biotin, omega 3, and garlic oil capsules are those I need.
I should buy those that are affordable, sold in huge amounts, and preferably stock up on them so I won’t run out of them too quickly.

I went back home, wrote into my diary a bit, and then I went out to dust my mattress; I hung it on the iron rail that people use when they dust their carpets and beat it with a plastic beater a couple of times, and then I took it back in. I might hoover it later today, and then I need to dress my bed into clean linen.

Tomorrow my ASPA worker Kaarina will visit me at half past two o’clock in the afternoon. Here’s to hoping I will be awake early enough and do all the morning routines before she arrives, setting my alarm clock to ring early enough never helps because I don’t function well enough if I don’t get to wake up and get up from the bed in my own terms.

I will finish the rest of the housework; wash the dishes, dust the carpet, swab my writing desk, take out the metal, paper, and carton waste, take the bottles to recycling, and then I will go to Helsinki and visit an art museum named Amos Anderson. It’s the only museum in the metropolitan area that’s open on Mondays, so I have taken up the habit of visiting it each Monday.
Girls’ House will open at three o’clock in the afternoon, I will go there to write my diary and perhaps enjoy a cup of cocoa.
I am also going to the swim hall.
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Today was a bit hard day for me, but it wasn't all that bad. It made me feel that there's still a spark of hope alight in my soul, something that has not been extinguished yet.

I had planned to do a lot of housework, but in the end, I slept for most of the day and only got up to take my morning medicine, dress up, and make myself representable.

I knew I was supposed to take the carpet out to dust it, wash the dishes, swab the writing desk, dust and re- arrange my artefacts, take out the recycling, and dress my bed into clean linen, but I didn't feel like up to it.

As a millenial, I know that everything can be solved by taking a nap.
There was a real friggin' storm outside, the wind blew and it rained, I was scared of the natural forces and hoped that nothing bad would happen.
Later the day my ASPA worker Kaarina came over, we talked a bit and then we made a new appointment on next Monday.

I decided to go to Girls' House. I took the bus 411 to Helsinki, then the subway to Hakaniemi. I was glad that Girls' House was open.

I drank two cups of cocoa and scribbled into my diary. The Big Sisters asked me to take some free bread along, I took a package of flatbread (or "rieska" as they're called in Finnish).
I took the subway to Helsinki city center, and I wanted to take the train but it stopped on the tracks because an elderly gentleman had fallen down on the station, and the conductor went to help him.

The train was becoming overcrowded because more people came in, so I decided to get off and take the bus 411 to Myyrmäki.

Once home, I buttered the flatbread and ate it with milk, and I thought about buying peppermint tea on Wednesday when I receive money.

I didn't feel like doing the evening routines, I simply took my evening medicine about at half past seven o'clock in the evening, put on a clean nightie, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will go see my mother, it's also another hair- washing day for me. I will also go to Myöhätuuli youth group to drink free cocoa and write into my diary.