December 2nd, 2015


On the 2nd day of Xmas, my true love gave to me...

Last night I stayed awake for a long time, watching Doctor Who on Netflix. That’s the thing about fandoms, they consume your body and soul, but at least you’ll die happy, ha ha.
I went to bed and fell asleep about at midnight, slept well and had nice enough dreams.

In the morning I woke up to the gorgeous sunshine, and managed to get up at midday, dressed up into a cotton blouse and sleeveless dress, both from Hennes & Mauritz, and took my morning medicine.
I didn’t bother with having a wash or eating a decent breakfast, and it’s starting to worry me. I have had this short period when I feel like I am so out of energy that I don’t feel like taking proper care of myself, all I ever feel motivated for is drinking peppermint tea and iced lattes, and watching movies and TV shows on Netflix.
Well, anyway, I have learned not to judge myself, just let time pass until I feel mentally better and I can start taking better care of myself. And besides, not all people who have it better than me always feel like washing the dishes or brushing their teeth. It’s just a short period and it will pass, the road to recovery is a rocky one.

I went to Citymarket to buy some fudge chocolate and iced lattes, then I went back home to watch Doctor Who. The temperature used to be ”pleasantly nippy”, now it’s “bitterly cold” and soon it will be “my pee froze into my bladder”.

Me and my friends Elyseé and Emjuso had agreed to go visit our friend Pinky today. We met in a Chinese in Myyrmanni shopping center, hung around in the center drinking coffee and being silly, and then we went to visit her. We ran into her dad on the way and said hello to him.
I must say, Pinky’s apartment is one of the loveliest I have ever seen! She has all kinds of posters and dolls and statues and toys and other artefacts, lots of frills and pink and pictures of cute animals and Hello Kitty and her favorite celebrities.
We ate treats, talked and laughed and hugged each other, and later the day I had to leave because I still had to do housework, the ones I do every Wednesday (hoover the floor and scrub the toilet bowl) and the ones I didn’t do during the weekend (dust the carpet, wash the dishes, take out the recyclable waste), and then go to the gym.

Once home, I couldn’t do any of those, I just stayed home watching Doctor Who and noticed that Netflix is missing one of its seasons, the one that starts at the episode Planet of the Dead and ends with the episode where the 10th Doctor regenerates into the one portrayed by Matt Smith. I tried to watch the missing episodes on YouTube, searching for “doctor who full episode planet of the dead”, but couldn’t find anything else but trailers and short clips.

In the evening I installed Windows 10, meanwhile I used my smart phone to log in to YouTube and watch the first- ever episode of Doctor Who on YouTube. I wish every single episode of DW, not just the ones starting with the 9th Doctor, were available on Netflix.

Anyway, I managed to take out the recycling and scrub the toilet bowl. I also managed to wash two loads of laundry, and in the evening I managed to have a proper wash, brush my teeth and wash my face with water and shower my armpits and underbelly and feet and dab lotion on my skin, and go to bed wearing my bathrobe because all my nighties were hung on the drying rack.

I couldn’t wash the dishes, because I was bothered by my delusions and usually they bother me the most when I wash the dishes. I don’t know why, but just because.
Not to mention, I have PMS right now and that’s when the delusions get worse.
All I have to do is wait. And while waiting, I can watch some more Doctor Who.
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