December 5th, 2015


On the 5th day of December...

Last night I was feeling kind of light- headed, because I had stayed awake for about 18 hours.
I was starting to hear colours but still managed to watch a couple of episodes of my favourite TV show on Netflix, American Horror Story: Asylum. I have seen the first season which is dubbed as Murder House by the fans, and the third Coven, the fourth season which is named Freak Show and which is also a prequel to Asylum (at least considering Pepper’s storyline) is not yet available on Netflix.
Which reminds me, yesterday I logged into HelMet, the online metropolitan library service, and noticed that AHS: Freak Show on DVD has been ordered to some of the libraries on Helsinki, and customers can already place requests on them. I placed my requests, and now I just have to wait. I hope the DVD won’t be too scratched once I get to watch them.

It’s always the same when I go to bed, I don’t feel like just forcing myself to sleep so I take my laptop or my diary along.
I fell asleep about at midnight, had some nice dreams about sunny days and cartoons dubbed by Benedict Cumberbatch, and woke up at two o’clock when my smartphone alarm woke me up.

I took my morning medicine, I noticed from my Dosett that I had forgotten to take my evening medicine on Thursday, that was the reason why I stayed awake for the whole night. I had also forgotten to take my morning medicine on Friday.

I dressed into my pink Dirndl dress, the hem was wrinkly again even if I had ironed it and put it neatly on a coat hanger and put it into my closet. I guess the material gets wrinkly quite easily.

I opened the fifth hatch of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic advent calendar, this time I got a clip- on hair extension, a thin purple braid.

I was feeling morose because I didn’t have any chocolate, but I was heading to an Xmas party and I knew there would be treats.

I noticed I didn’t have any delusions, but I knew they would start bothering me later.

It was raining outside, and it was colder than usual. I went to Myyrmäki train station and took the P train to Kivistö. I sat on the stairs in the train station and called Suavecita, who was going to pick me up on her car, that I was waiting for her and that Elyseé couldn’t come because she had a stomach upset.

Later Suavecita picked me up, she drove us to Hyrylä while we joked and laughed and talked about stuff, when we drove past her house we tried to get a glimpse of her dog, but it was already dusky so we didn’t see her.

Once in Hyrylä, we went to Heidi & her husband Jari’s apartment, we were the first visitors to arrive. Later Heidi’s friend Suski arrived.
We drank coffee, ate crisps and plum tarts and chocolate and candy and Suavecita’s homemade tuna pastries.
We took selfies (and Suavecita took a belfie of me) and photos of each other, talked and jokes and laughed, listened to heavy metal versions of Finnish xmas carols, and later the evening when it was getting late, me and Suavecita and Suski had to leave. I told them that if I don’t take my medicine in time, I will turn into a 20 meters’ tall cactus- like monster that has tentacles for arms.

Suavecita drove me to Kivistö train station, I took the I train to Myyrmäki. Once home, I took my evening medicine and had a sandwich and a glass of milk for supper. Then I brushed my teeth, took a short shower, put on a clean nightie.
Even if it was quite late, I had to wash a load of laundry because I was running out of clean underwear and nighties.
I made a cup of peppermint tea, it never fails to cheer me up.

Tomorrow it will be the 98th Independence day of Finland. I will go see my parents, my dad promised to give me 100 euros as an Xmas present like he does every December.
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