December 6th, 2015


On the 6th of December...

Last night I stayed awake almost all the way to the midnight. I was feeling downcast, as usual in the evenings.

I slept quite well, but I had some really bad dreams.
I got up at midday, took my morning medicine and dressed up. I opened the sixth hatch of the My Little Pony advent calendar and got a bracelet.

I decided to go visit my parents right away, I turned on my laptop to look at the bus timetables and decided to travel to Raappavuori on the bus 571.
At first I thought about walking, it wasn’t raining too hard outside, but I didn’t have enough blood sugar since I hadn’t eaten a proper breakfast. And besides, when I put on my boots and went out, the toes of my right foot hurt with each step.

I made it to the bus, on the way I called my mom to tell her I am coming over.
Once in my parents’ home, dad gave me the hundred euros he had promised me, and said “Here’s to hoping that someday you will be able to earn your own money!” That really hurt me. Mom whispered to me that dad is a bit tired, that’s why he is so snappish.

I made coffee, ate lunch with mom, watched a bit of an old Finnish movie with her, and later I decided to leave.

I took the bus 421 to Helsinki, at first I was a bit afraid that there would be riots because it was the Finnish independence day. Nevertheless, I went to the nearest supermarket that was open, and bought a block of cheese and a pound of tomatoes, and also some iced coffee and fudge chocolate.

I took the bus 411 to Myyrmäki, once home I put the purchases to their rightful places, hoovered the floor, scrubbed the toilet bowl, and took out the garbage.

I called my grandmother and talked to her a bit, we agreed that I will visit her again after Xmas.

I went to the pharmacy, it’s open on each day of the year. I bought nutritional supplements; biotin, multivitamin, omega 3, and garlic oil capsules. I forgot to buy vitamin D, I guess I’ll buy it tomorrow.

I feel less morose than I felt last evening. Tomorrow I might go to the movies, if I have enough money by then because I have some stuff to buy. Fortunately, I will receive more money on Wednesday.

It’s so hard for me to believe it’s only the sixth day of December, I already feel like weeks have gone by.