December 17th, 2015


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Today was kind of peculiar because I managed to get up from my bed early in the morning, about at half past nine o’clock. Well, it’s not that early, but it’s early in my standards.
I managed to have a wash and eat a healthy breakfast, and I was still disappointed with myself because I didn’t do the yoga, exercises, and stretches I’m supposed to do.

About at midday I went to visit my parents’ home, I took the bus 571 to Raappavuori.

Once there, I sorted out their mail and made some coffee.

I had decided to go to movies today. I was going to go see a Finnish kids’ movie about dinosaurs who play heavy metal music.

I walked to Vantaankoski train station, I admired the Xmas lights the people in the neighbourhood had put up.

While waiting for the train, I wrote into my diary with my magic ink pen. I have three purple ones, and every single one of them ran out of ink, so I had to rely on a mechanical pen.

Once in Helsinki, I was thinking of visiting a stationery shop in Kamppi shopping center to buy another magic ink pen, but there were a lot of customers so I decided to pass on that.

I went to the movie theatre and bought a ticket, and I almost had an anxiety attack considering some bad memories.

The movie was very nice, I really enjoyed it.
After exiting the movie theatre, I was surprised to see it was dark outside.
I felt hungry so I went to Arnold’s to buy a cold- smoked salmon bagel.

I travelled to Myyrmäki on the bus 411. Now that I had money, I went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought lots of groceries.

In the evening I was feeling mania again.
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A - Z meme stolen from crazy bellatrix

- Age: Soon joining the 27 club

- Bed size: Single

- Chinese Food Dish: Tofu makes you gay, eat more tofu ^_^

- Dentist name: I don't have a regular dentist :>

- Early Bird or Night Owl? Depends xD

- Favorite color: Pink

- Gold or Silver: Both

- Height: Something between 160 - 179 centimeters

- Ink as in tattoo’s you have: Nothing yet, but I am planning to get plenty of them

- Job title: Welfare leech

- Kitchen Meal or Restaurant? Who cares as long as it's food :D

- Living arrangements: I live in an apartment provided by a charity company for mentally ill people. It's the best home I have ever had! ^_^

- Month of birth: December *3*

- Nicknames: Mii- Mii

- On time or late: Depends on the amount of snow :x

- Pet Peeve: Mansplaining, manterruption...

- Quote from a movie: "We all go a little mad sometimes" - Norman Bates from Psycho

- Right or left handed: I'm half ambidextrous

- Siblings: Big brother

- Time you wake up: Depends

- Urgent thing on your to do list: Buy some treats for my birthday party, dress my bed in fresh sheets

- Vegetable you dislike: I LOVE DEM VEGGIES.

- Wishing for: My parents to love me ;^;

- X-rays you’ve had: I had one when I broke my arm

- Yummy food you make: I hate cooking >:c

- Zoo Favorite: Kangaroos, baboons, bears, oh my!