January 12th, 2016


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It’s really amazing that the last update was from Friday, and I feel like I have missed a great deal of my life since I haven’t reported everything on my LiveJournal. That actually sounded a bit too dramatic, my life has been alright.

I managed to do a great deal of housework during the weekend. My mom was amazed when I told her about that I had managed to do three tasks on Sunday, while I just felt like I am a lazy poop for not being able to do all tasks on Saturday, like I used to.
Those tasks I have to do every weekend are the following; hoovering and mopping the floor including under the furniture, swabbing my writing desk and kitchen counter, scrubbing the bathroom, taking out the recycling, taking the carpet outside to dust it, wash laundry, keep the balcony door and kitchen window open to let fresh air in, wash the dishes, dust my artefacts, iron the laundry, replace the towels and bed sheets... On Wednesdays I also scrub the toilet bowl, and hoover the floor.

Yesterday Girls’ House was opened after the holidays.
In the evening I went to the post office to fetch a package, it was the new broadband or whatevs, it’s a plastic box with Zyxel on it.

In the evening I was hungry, I ate some Marabou Japp chocolate but it didn’t fill me up. There was nothing but a can of milk in my fridge.
I decided to go to the parish today, even if I hate going there. I had promised never to set a foot in a church, and besides, even if I have proof that I have no food and no money to buy food, they won’t necessarily help me. Besides, it’s open at 9 – 11 o’clock in the morning, and I am fast asleep by then.

I called my mother in the evening to take my mind off my grumbly stomach. I told her that I will visit her tomorrow after visiting the parish, she was silent for a moment and then said “Screw that, I will give you some money”. I didn’t know whether to be happy about it because she didn’t sound too happy herself, but nevertheless, it gave me a good night’s sleep.

In the morning I woke up pretty early. I had had a dream about a couple of men, one who looked like 1st Doctor and another who looked, well, I’m not sure if it was the 4th or 3rd Doctor, but they lived together in an apartment and went on about their daily life as a loving couple. It was so sweet.

I got up, and spent the morning on the Internet eating what was left of the chocolate I had bought yesterday.

I wore my brown embroidered Dirndl dress and a glittery vest with The Ramones logo.
I went to see my mom which turned out to be a bit hard because of the ceaseless snowfall. Nevertheless, I caught the bus 571 to Raappavuori and made it to my parents’ home.

Mom gave me a few tenners, it should do. I watched some videotapes, and after mom left (she was going to this small pop- up café in Myyrmäki library) I washed my hair in their bathroom, blow- dried it and had some coffee.

At first I was thinking of going to LIDL in the new Martinlaakso shopping center, but I decided to stay faithful to my regular grocery shop.
I took the bus 574 to Myyrmäki and went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought the following groceries; rye bread, toast, butter, cucumber, tuna, tomatoes, satsumas, chicken eggs, and also two Shrovetide buns with marzipan. Probably something else I already forgot. I managed to afford them all.

It was a real chore hauling the carrier bag home, but I managed. Once home, I put the groceries to the fridge and ate the buns.

I went to visit the library, but the pop- up café happening was over.

I decided to go visit Helsinki. I took the P train to Helsinki and once there, I took the tram 10 to Erottaja and visited the thrift shop on Iso- Roba. To my chagrin, I noticed that the blue jumper with the appliqued red robins on rowan trees was already sold, so I bought a pink jumper with small satin roses.

I took the tram back to the city center, then the subway to Hakaniemi, and went to Girls’ House. Right after I entered, I smelled something baking. There was a cookery class going on, Mirette was also there.

I bought a cup of cocoa, chatted with the others, and wrote into my diary.

Later the evening, I took the subway back to the city center and visited Indian Bazaar in the Central Railway Station, and I swooned at the gorgeous dresses. I decided to buy one tomorrow.

I caught the bus 411 to Myyrmäki, and talked with Suavecita on the phone.
Once in Myyrmäki, I went to the shopping center to look at stuff I could buy tomorrow, and then went back home.

I don’t have to wash the dishes, or wash laundry this evening, but I should fetch the clean laundry from the drying room, and put fresh bed sheets into my bed. But I can always do that tomorrow.
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