February 5th, 2016


Dear sweetcarolanne,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Valentine's day package that arrived today! I loved each and every single one of the gifts, and I shall return the favour as soon as possible!

I received a silver- plated bracelet with cute little strawberry pendants, it's so my style!
A berry- scented Hello Kitty lip balm, it will keep my lips kissable ^_^ And also a small Hello Kitty face towel :3
A small tube of hand cream that smells lovely, a cute Joey Ramone felt doll, a sweet- scented organic bar of soap, and a Valentine's day card with a very nifty design :3 There was also a small bag of Hershey's sugar- free chocolate confections, they were gobbled immediately :D

I'm on my mom's laptop right now, I will take photos of it once I go back home.