February 9th, 2016


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Last night I slept in my own bed, for the first time in two days, because I didn’t feel like taking the mattress out for dusting and dressing my bed in clean sheets.

I slept very well, except I woke up very early after having really weird dreams. It was still dusky outside, and I felt very bizarre, as if the day and night had changed places, as if I was adrift in space among stars.

I slept all the way to half past eleven o’clock in the morning, and noticed that I had gotten my period. I went to the bathroom to fix a sanitary pad into my panties, took my morning medicine and dressed up.

I surfed on the Internet for a while, and then I decided to go see my mother. I called her and told her I am coming over, she said it’s alright except she wasn’t home yet.
I took the bus 574 to Raappavuori and went to my parents’ home. It was quite warm outside and it rained a bit, it’s very spring- like weather. There was a bit of green grass, and birds were singing.

Once in my parents’ home, I made coffee and ate half of a Shrovetide bun.
Later my mom came home, we talked about things and stuff for a while and then I had to leave, me and my friends had agreed to meet today.

I took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki, I met my friends Elyseé and Pinky in the Subway restaurant in Myyrmanni shopping center.
We talk about stuff and things and then we went to visit a pet shop to swoon at the cute little balls of fur, guinea pigs and rabbits and rats and mice.
The pet shop is on the third floor, there was also a video game shop that had all kinds of cute figurines and such. I should visit that one day.

Then we went to Pinky’s home. I love her apartment so much, it has all kinds of cute trinkets and toys and figurines and such, pictures on the walls, lots of colors!

We continued talking and laughing and ate lots of treats, later the day I had to leave because I was going to attend the hobby group in Myöhätuuli.

I caught the bus 571 to Pähkinärinne, once in Myöhätuuli the others were watching a movie named The Happening and the others were making Valentine’s day cards.
I have seen some of the movie, I would love to watch the rest of it someday, but I think it’s too morbid to watch in such a jolly group. And I have sent about half of the Valentine’s day cards and I would buy more tomorrow, so I didn’t bother with the crafts.

I drank a cup of cocoa and a cup of coffee, then I decided to leave and take the bus to Myyrmäki.
Once there, I hung around in the shopping center, looking for stuff I could buy tomorrow. When I visited Citymarket, I picked twenty Marimekko greeting cards and asked the shop assistant to set them aside for me until tomorrow, when I am going to pick them up and buy them. I am going to send them to my Finnish friends as Valentine’s day cards.

Once back home, I took the laundry off the drying rack, folded them and put them into my closet, and puttered around my home, tidying up, doing this and doing that, until I started feeling bored.
I hate feeling bored, I always feel the need to go visit my parents simply because they have coffee. I have decided that tomorrow when I receive money, I am going to buy coffee grounds, regular for my friends and decaf for me, so I don’t feel like always visiting my parents simply to drink all their coffee. And I have to buy decaf because while I enjoy the taste of coffee, I don’t like caffeine because it worsens my anxiety.
And besides, there are plenty of other places I can visit, perhaps go for a walk or visit the skate café or the library, or Girls’ House. I also think I should learn to feel good in my own home, without the need of going someplace.

I decided to call Elyseé, she said she is still visiting Pinky, and the latter said I can visit her again if I want.

I went to see them again, first I took a bag of books to the library and returned them, then I went to Pinky’s home.

We had fun, talking and laughing and eating treats, then I went back home.
I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth.
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