February 17th, 2016


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As I mentioned in my last entry, my friend Elyseé had a sleepover at my place.

Last night I was feeling a bit melancholy due to some fandom- induced *feels*, I had watched the Doctor Who episode where Harold Saxon sends the Toclafanes to kill earthlings and 11 and Martha Jones are forced to watch. It made me feel the tiniest bit of awful.

Anywho, fortunately I had managed to have a proper wash in the evening and also floss my teeth before brushing them. I should also buy some mouthwash, preferably organic vegetable based from an eco- market.
I also managed to wash two loads of laundry.

I slept very well, even if I had nightmares about the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.
If I have dreams about Doctor Who, it’s either about Jon “3rd Doctor” Pertwee who is a sexy grandpa, or the first Doctor’s unbelievable toupee, or the second Doctor’s penny whistle, or then the fourth Doctor’s scarf, the Master (either the one portrayed by Roger Delgado or John Simm), or the Weeping Angels.

I woke up very early, about at quarter past five o’clock in the morning, and didn’t get any sleep after that. It’s really quite something, usually I may sleep all the way to half past six o’clock in the evening and still feel groggy, and sometimes I feel like springing right up from my bed when I wake up in the small hours.

I took my morning medicine and put my nightie into the laundry basket and pottered around bare butt naked.
I turned on my laptop, made coffee, and washed the dirty dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a while now; I also washed the glass plate that came with the microwave oven, the plastic cup where I keep my toothbrush, toothpaste and dental flossers. Along with scissors and the Charmmy Kitty mug where I keep them.

I logged in to my online bank account, I had received the usual amount of money. I ordered a silver- plated Santa Muerte pendant, the same kind that Suavecita wears often, from an Etsy.com shop named EJewelryShop. It didn’t cost too much, along with the shipping costs.

I brushed my teeth and had a wash, and put on a pair of black pyjama pants with a pattern of Pusheen the cat, and a black- and fuchsia- striped long- sleeved shirt.

After a while when Elyseé was up as well, I took two short naps while she did her morning routines. I woke up feeling refreshed and cheerful.
We left at the same time, Elyseé went to her home and I headed to the bank.

I withdrew the rest of the money, and went to the Salvation Army flea market to buy a new nightie; long- hemmed, ¾ sleeved, white and red horizontal stripes, and it didn’t cost too much. Fortunately I had a discount card.

I went to Tokmanni and took two brassieres to the fitting room; they were these black sports bra types, one was Medium/Large and another Extra Extra Large/Extra Extra Extra Large. I fitted the Medium/Large first, and it fit me perfectly so I bought it. I also bought a ball of woollen yarn for my knitting, it has orange, brown, grey and darker grey stripes.
Then I went to the dressmaker’s to pick up my mended dress, it had one button loose and also there was a small tear where the button was sewn on.
On Friday I am going to take my brown embroidered Dirndl dress to be mended as well, it’s going to be a bigger operation; the metallic zipper has to be cut off and a new one, preferably made of plastic, has to be sewn on.

Then I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and went to the stationery shop Suomalainen Kirjakauppa to buy three birthday cards for cityrocker, kaenhoushaki, and mckaarle. I remembered that I was supposed to buy one for burlymanvagina as well, but I had some Marimekko cards left; I knew she likes Marimekko and other Finnish design.
I also bought ten 1st class postage stamps.

I went home and put the brassiere and the nightie into the laundry basket.
I started working on the cards, I wrote greetings and addresses, from who and to whom, put some pretty stickers on them, and also put stamps and Priority stickers on them.

Then I was off again, I went to see my occupational therapist with whom I had an appointment at half past one o’clock in the afternoon. We both arrived late at the same time.

Today I was supposed to talk about the most important aspects of my everyday life; such as personal hygiene, the tidiness of my home, exercise and sports, nutrition and regular meals, hobbies and leisure time, relationships and socialness; and then I was supposed to grade them; how important are those aspects to me, 1 being completely unimportant and 10 being very important? How satisfied I am with the current state of those aspects, 1 being dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied? And finally, how important it is to change those things into better, 1 being unimportant and 10 being very important?

Now that I think about it, if I felt the same when I was 19 years old, I would have been totally cheesed with these grades and importance, but now that I am older and mature I believe that these things actually matter.

On Tove’s desk there was some sort of knitting, it was like the beginning of a sock. I asked Tove if I can continue it, she said it’s alright.
I noticed that it helped me to ground, I could concentrate better on talking when I didn’t let my hands roam.

We talked about things and stuff, and then we made a new appointment on next week’s Tuesday. Tove suggested that we cook a meal as a part of the therapy, I suggested pancakes and she said it’s alright.
We made another appointment on the Tuesday after that, the first of March, and then we will try bookbinding. At first I thought that a self-made notebook would be a unique add to my collection of diaries, but then I decided to make a storybook for Carol Anne.

Me and C. A. have plenty of mutual interests; angels, sideshow performers from “freak shows”, the punk rock band The Ramones, Lovecraftian mythology, cats, cephalopods, roller derby; I am going to write her a tale about an angel that goes down on Earth to help people, and decides to knit soft and warm socks for people, such as punk rockers, sideshow performers, members of roller derby groups. Here’s to hoping she will love it!

After the appointment, I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to send the greeting cards.
I was on my way to the social office, when I met Tintin. She looked very beautiful, as if her eyes were shining and cheeks glowing. We hugged each other, talked about how we have been doing and what have been doing, I told her I am going to meet Pinky, Elyseé, Laufey and Vilimitja later today, and I would tell them that Tintin said hello.

I went to the social office to drop off my healthcare bill, then I went back to Myyrmanni.
I was supposed to meet Pinky and Elyseé at Bella’s, the new thrift shop. Elyseé called me and said that she can’t come, I said that it’s okay and I will say hello to the others from her.

Once in Bella’s, I bought a powder blue, long- sleeved, cotton shirt with a flowery pattern, and a knock off Monster High doll that’s supposed to look like Clawdeen Wolf.
I also wanted to buy a beige cardigan with a pattern of Rolling Stones logos with the tongues decorated with rhinestones, but I didn’t find it even if I searched high and low for it. Instead, I found a small wallet with a Pokémon design, it had a printed picture of Charizard, Gengar, Cubone, Pikachu, Blastoise, and Poliwhirl. It also had a short- ish string so you can wear it like a satchel.

Later Pinky arrived, we went to Kulmakonditoria where we met Laufey and Vilimitja. We sat around talking and laughing, later the others went home and I decided to go visit my parents’ home.

I made it to the bus 335 and travelled to Raappavuori. I sorted out my parents’ mail, unloaded their dishwasher, looked at some family photos, watched some videotapes, and drank only one cup of coffee because the milk tasted like it was past its “best before” date.

I took the bus 565 to Myyrmäki, once home I realized that I forgot to buy milk so I was off again. I visited Citymarket to buy a carton of milk, then I went home.

I spent the rest of the evening eating chocolate, knitting, and writing.
I started feeling cruddy, but I didn’t feel like having a wash. I had already taken my evening medicine, so I put on a clean nightie and went to bed, taking along my laptop, my current diary and magic ink pens, my knitting, and the chocolate bar I was feasting on.

Tomorrow I will go to ASPA office for the hobby group.