February 26th, 2016


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I stayed awake late into the night, while watching Netflix on my laptop in my bed. I watched the original Terminator movie and enjoyed it, I really liked the character of Sarah Connor and adored the 90’s clothes and music.
I also watched a bit of the movie Matrix, and then I decided to go to sleep. Not because the movie was uninteresting, but because I felt like my eyeballs were bleeding.

I had dreams about the cities named Munkkiniemi where I went into my first therapy, Kellokoski where I was being treated in a mental hospital, and the shopping center in Kamppi, in the dream I lost my boots and my bicycle in there.
In another dream I shoplifted clothes from Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping center.
I had a dream about the sideshow performers from the movie Freaks and the TV show American Horror Story: Freak show, it was the nicest dreams in tonight’s dream supply.

When I woke up, my lower stomach was cramping in a peculiar way that made me think that I had gotten my period, but I have already had it this month.
I fell back asleep and woke up with a start when my doorbell rang. I knew it was Suavecita, we had agreed that she was going to visit me today.

She brought a carton of orange juice, and a small bar of the new Fazer chocolate, which was flavoured like iced coffee & mud cake. It tasted surprisingly good, maybe because I shared it with a friend,
We made coffee, talked about things and stuff and laughed and farted, and then she had to go see her father in the Myyrmanni shopping center.

I updated my blogs and then called my mother and asked her if it’s okay that I come over for a little while after doing my errands. She said it’s okay.

First I took out the trash, then I took a small bag of my old clothes to a charity shop container, mailed Heidi’s birthday card to her new address, I should also send her a “Welcome to your new home” card. Then I went to the library to return a stack of books and retrieve my requests, two of them were the Finnish translations of the 70’s adventure books named Doctor Who and the Attack of the Autons and Doctor Who and the Cave- Monsters. My favourite was the first one because it depicts how Doctor was exiled from Gallifrey, the way his trial was depicted made me laugh.
Then I went to the Myyrmanni shopping center to return bottles, and made two euros and ten cents. I decided not to spend it on chocolate or iced coffee, because I was in dire need of new socks.

It was raining powdery snow, and it was cold enough to make my breath fume in the air.

I took the bus 565 to Raappavuori. Mother was home, and she was very happy when I came over. We had a good time, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee and talking about things and stuff.
Later the day dad came home from work and he was grumpy as he usually is. Sometimes I cannot help thinking how he still managed to work five days a week despite being so old and ill.

I stayed for the dinner, I had potatoes and eggs and sweet corn. After that I left and took the bus 335B to Myyrmäki. I went to the shopping center and visited Citymarket to buy a new pair of socks, the same kind I had bought yesterday. Here’s to hoping they won’t get holes to easily.

Once back home, I did some random odd jobs around my apartment and also washed a load of laundry, and took all the carpets in my home and put them to the balcony.

Tomorrow I will do housework, and perhaps go visit my parents.
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