March 3rd, 2016


Any way the wind blows

I had a dream about an adventure with the eleventh Doctor, I was in some sort of an 80’s disco hall and game center, where I fell asleep and ran into some sort of a dream demon and the Doctor ushered me into the TARDIS where I would be safe.

I had a dream about eating chocolate eggs filled with yummy coconut flakes in a luxurious apartment somewhere that looked like Laajavuori and Vantaanpuisto at the same time, while wearing a pastel green silk dress.

I got up at half past ten o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and put on some clothes. I also put on the necklace I had bought yesterday from Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni, it’s a small copper- colored pendant that shows a crescent moon with a face.

I have taken up the habit of checking the balance of my bank account every day, just to see if I have received money. I didn’t receive my weekly allowance which I was supposed to receive yesterday, but I received it today. I had also received the same amount of money on Monday. I was mystified, but also happy for receiving money twice this week.

I took out the trash, and then went to a cash machine to withdraw eighty euros.
I went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought two pairs of socks, then I went to Tokmanni in Iso- Myyri shopping center and bought a brassiere.

Once home, I washed two loads of laundry and noticed that I had forgotten to buy a new drying rack. I took the old rack (one of the spokes was detached from one end, and it’s a sign that I need to buy a new one) to the recyclable metal container, and then went to Citymarket to buy a new one. Fortunately they were in discount.

Once back home, I hung the laundry on the drying rack, drank some coffee, and then I was off again.

I visited Nima’s, my favorite dressmaker, in Iso- Myyri, and showed them a thrift- shop bought blouse that had a huge tear in the left armpit. Nima told me he can sew it right now for a tenner, I gave his daughter the money and he sewed it in two minutes.

I took the P train to Helsinki, and took the subway to Girls’ House. Once there, I drank a cup of cocoa and wrote into my diary. One of the girls made a small painting using different colors of nail polish, it was amazing.

I took the subway back to the city center, then I caught the bus 421 to Raappavuori, on the way there I called my mother and told her I am coming over, she said it’s okay.

It was about five o’clock in the evening and it wasn’t even dusk yet. It was bitterly cold, while just a few days ago it had been almost like early spring, the sun shone brightly, birds tweeted and twittered, and the molten snow dripped from the windowsills.

Mom and dad were both home. Mom told me she had cleaned up my old room, I actually noticed that it was far more pleasant. Mom also told me she had found one of my old essay papers and had a good laugh at it. I read it, and had a good laugh as well.

I ate cinnamon rolls and feta cheese, drank coffee and orange juice.
About at six o’clock in the evening, I hugged and kissed both of my parents, and told mom that I might come again tomorrow.

I caught the bus 574 to Myyrmäki and visited the shopping center again. This time I went to Citymarket and bought another pair of socks, now I have six pairs of them, which means I am two pairs short from having enough socks for one week; I prefer having eight pairs of underwear, socks and brassieres and panties and tights.
I also bought a box of tea bags, it’s Moomin themed with the text “All things fun are good for your tummy!” It’s rooibos tea with flavours like chocolate cake, lemon cheesecake, strawberry smoothie, and banana- vanilla.
Then I went to the stationery shop and bought one sheet of these cute, colorful, glittery Easter egg stickers. I am going to buy more of them soon.

Once back home, I put the socks into the laundry basket, and the box of tea bags into the kitchen cupboard.
Then I set to work on the eleven Easter cards I had bought earlier; I wrote the receiver’s address, the sender’s address, and greetings on them, put a first class postage stamp, Priority sticker, and one of the Easter egg stickers on them.
Ten of them were going to my friends outside Finland, and one of them was directed to my grandmother. I need ten more of the cards directed outside Finland, and about twenty of cards for my Finnish friends.

Suavecita called me and told me that our mutual friends, Heidi and her fiancée Jari, are going to have a housewarming party on Saturday evening, and had invited both of us.
My friend Mirette will visit me on Saturday afternoon, we had agreed so. I think I will have enough time for both.

Tomorrow morning, right after getting up, I will go to the health center to give a blood sample; I have to be without food, and any kind of other drink but a little water, for twelve hours so it won’t show on my blood sugar. I have to take my Dosett along so I can take my medicine after giving the sample.
After that, I will go to the social office to request income support for purchasing a membership card to the swim hall in Myyrmäki fitness center, and for reloading the card with a year- long special group membership; you have to pay differently for the card, and for the period of your membership. Because I belong to a discount group (pensioner, mentally/physically challenged etc.) I can have a year- long membership for 50 euros.
I also need support for reloading my gym card, preferably 25 visits; I have taken up the habit of going to the gym every fourth day, and 25 visits will last for about three months.
It’s just that I need to work out in order to fight my depression and anxiety, and to keep my body healthy, and have a reason to go out sometimes. I hope the social worker will understand that.

After the errands, I will go visit my mother.
As for the rest of the day, I have decided to start doing the weekly housecleaning each Friday; I will roll up the big carpet and put it to the balcony along with the small throw rug under my chair. I also have to take the mattress, pillow, and blanket to the balcony, and let them stay there for the night and sleep on the sofa- bed for the night.
I also have to hoover and mop the visible part of the floor, and scrub the toilet bowl.
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