March 24th, 2016


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I forgot to update about yesterday, because I have been quite busy this week.
I went to the hairdresser, I had the dry tops of my hair cut off and my fringe shortened. I also asked for some advice concerning my scalp because it’s very dry and itchy, and I make it worse by scratching it constantly with my fingernails. I have bought some nourishing oil from the supermarket, but I think it is so bad that I have to consult a dermatologist and get some sort of lotion prescribed for me.

I also went to visit Horror Shop and gave Perkele a late birthday card, an Easter card, and a chocolate egg, and also paid a tenner as a partial payment for the piercing rings. I hate to admit it but it has been almost two years since he fitted the piercing rings into the holes in my earlobes, we agreed that I am going to pay later. I still owe him 35 euros, I will pay him another tenner a week until I have paid in full.

I also went to Helsinki, and visited the eco- market in Kamppi to buy a new cloth panty liner; it’s light green with a darker green shamrock print. Now I need to buy two more of them, and I will have a full set. Next week I might buy a blue one with a tractors and trucks.

It was late in the evening when I went to pharmacy in Myyrmanni shopping center, I had to pick up a bottle of eczema lotion that was prescribed to me by my doctor for the terrible eczema on my right wrist; I have had it for about five years now, shorter time than I had pink- dyed hair.
I am going to put it on each side of my wrist every morning. Here’s to hoping my wrist will be healed.

I managed to have a proper wash this morning.
I had left my new Familon blanket on the balcony for last night, today I put a duvet on it and threw my old period- blood stained blanket to the garbage bin.

Today I visited Myyrmanni shopping center, they are going to open a Starbucks café there. There’s a real invasion of Starbuckses in the metropolitan area, but I am not complaining because I love their stuff, both drinkables and eatables!
I visited the stationery shop to buy envelopes and a packet of ten differently patterned decorative tape rolls, one of them has a four- leaf clover pattern and one has a Mamegoma (cute anime baby seals designed by Sanrio) pattern.
I also bought a My Little Pony- themed gift for my friend Luisita, she had her birthday last week and I didn’t buy her a gift until now, bless my soul. I still need to get Suavecita’s signature on her birthday card and then I will send it.

I went to visit my parents’ home, dad was at work and mom was shopping in Myyrmanni. I just chilled out and drank some orange juice.

Once back home, I had received two Easter cards, one from Vera who lives in Latvia, I was glad that she contacted me because I have been missing her terribly. And another was from Monika from Poland.
Thank you, my hearties! I love each and every single one of you, may you have a happy Easter!

Which reminds me, I should start sending Postcrossing cards. I have also been thinking of starting to send name day cards to my Finnish friends.

I spent most of the afternoon doing housework; I cleaned up my bathroom, polished my biker boots, took out the trash, stuff like that.
Then I went to Iso- Myyri shopping center for some business; I returned some bottles, took a lightbulb to recycling, and took my blue embroidered Dirndl dress to my favourite dressmaker to have the hem mended, it’s coming apart because it was sewn a bit haphazardly.

I took the I train to Helsinki, and went to Tennispalatsi movie theater. I bought a ticket to the action film Deadpool; I have wanted to see that movie ever since last Valentine’s day. And now I finally got to see it.
I simply loved that movie, it was awesome! I loved every single moment of it, all the way to the end. I loved Deadpool’s sarcastic attitude, twisted sense of humor, and the way he flirts with everyone.

After the movie, I wanted to visit the art museum which resides in the same premises as the movie theater, but the museum was closed. Instead, I went to the shop to look at their selection of notebooks.

I went to see my parents again. Both mom and dad were home and they were doing alright. Mom combed my hair all princess pretty, and my dad complimented my “In Memory of Rock ’n’ Roll” shirt.

Later the evening I took a bus to Myyrmäki, once back home I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth.
I felt a bit sick because foodwise, I had junked it up today, eating nothing but chocolate and crisps, and I had to throw up in the bathroom.

I checked the name- days of my Finnish friends, including their second names, and jotted them down into my wall calendar.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, which is also a bank holiday in Finland. I’m glad it’s not actually a “boozing holiday” in Finland, so I won’t necessarily have to be afraid of drunkards. But then again, the art museums, cafés, libraries and other places will be closed for the Easter holidays so I won’t have any place to go.
I asked my mother if I can have a sleepover at their place, and she said it’s okay.