25th March 2016


🌰 Like I mentioned before, my scalp is so dry and itchy that it’s really starting to bother me. I have decided to ask my nurse at the psychiatric clinic to book an appointment with a doctor for me, I don’t know how to do it myself. I have to ask for some sort of lotion or shampoo that will make my scalp healthier.

🍏 I have made the decision that as soon as the “surprise winters” are over and the streets are free from snow and ice and gravel, I am going to at least try to go outside for half an hour at minimum each day, including when I go for errands and when I go to sit on a bench in my home yard to write into my diary.
I am going to use stairs instead of elevators and escalators, and when I go to Helsinki, I will walk instead of using the subway.

🌱 I am already making plans for April’s budget; I am going to purchase a ticket to a theater play each week, and take my Dirndl dresses to the local dressmaker each week.
On the second last week I am going to purchase a Greyhound bus ticket to Kangasala, I am going for a spring visit to my grandmother’s home. On 22nd day when the bus leaves, I will receive my monthly allowance and use it to buy the steam cleaner I have been hyping about for about a month now.

🌽 The steam cleaner is kind of like an electric mop that you use to clean floors, but it has a detachable hand- held device that can be used for cleaning bathrooms and such. I have learned that steam kills up to ninety- nine percent of all bacteria and viruses, and it’s far safer and more hygienic that using cloth mops and cleaning liquids.
Of course, the device itself costs about as much as the monthly allowance, but then again, then I don’t have to buy cleaning liquids or rag mops or anything like that, so it will be worth it.

🌿 Another thing I should consider buying is a table- top dishwasher. I have learned that dishwashers actually conserve water, and considering how unmotivated I am when it comes to washing dishes by hand, I desperately need a dishwasher. That way I won’t have to buy rubber gloves, dishwashing brushes or dishwashing liquid anymore, so I will save both money, nature, and my own nerves in the long run.

🍈 Once spring advances, I am going to take my beloved bicycle to a bicycle shop for the annual tune- up, the gears have to be oiled and such. Also, the back tire is almost flat even if I pumped it full of air just a week ago, so they have to check if there are punctures. I might do it in May, so I can use the monthly allowance to pay for it.
Normally I would ask my dad to tune up my bicycle, but usually when I ask him to do something like, he blows a fuse and complains how he always has to do the dirty work around the house. And besides, me being a few years shy from thirty, I shouldn’t always have to rely on my parents.

🍑 Now that winter is over, I am going to start putting badges into my backpack again. I still have all my badges, brooches, pins and stuff in a small jewellery box in my writing desk drawer, and I still have the Anna & Elsa backpack.

🍕 Recently I gave most of my figurines and artefacts and other stuff to charity, and I don’t miss them. I am glad I did because they just gathered dust. I have also decided to lay off buying new figurines, but I am still collecting notebooks.

🍥 I have taken up the habit of asking each of my friends about their favourite tea flavour, so I can buy the aforementioned tea to my home. I recently bought Earl Grey as well, even if I am not a big fan of it, but some of my friends like it.

🍨 I have decided to learn how to crochet those plush octopus toys that are given to prematurely born babies in their incubators, so that instead of grabbing into the feeding tubes and cords and other stuff, they will play with the crocheted tentacles instead. The little ones have an instinctual need to grab into something with their tiny hands, and that’s why they need stimulation. It’s all part of my deed of becoming a charitable person.

🍪 I really don't see why my sleeping pattern has changed again; nowadays I wake up very early in the morning, about after seven o'clock, and don't know whether to get up or snooze off, and I always go to the bathroom to take my medicine and then I still feel sleepy, so I go back to bed and end up sleeping all the way to midday. Bleh.

🍬 I should take up the habit of watching at least one episode of Doctor Who on Netflix every day, but it's just that I am quite busy during day- time, and in the evenings I might be chipper enough but I don't want to torment my body by staying up late, considering my already screwed- up sleeping pattern.

🍰 I don't really understand why Netflix deleted all the seasons of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, and David Tennant as the 10th, now they only have the ones with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. Oh well, I have already watched those seasons, and they will be available on DVDs from the library.

🌾 I would also like to see every single episode of Supernatural, but Netflix deleted the first six seasons. I might lend the DVD collections from the library.
I made it to the episode Asylum when I skipped the episode where the Winchester bros return to their childhood home. I love seeing how mental asylums are depicted in fiction.
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Last night I found myself thinking how many movies and TV shows I have added to my own list on Netflix, yet rarely watch them. It’s always the same; so much to do, so little time!

I slept well but I had quite bad dreams. I got up at quarter past seven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and went back to bed, and got up later at eleven o’clock.
I had a wash and dressed up, and started packing my stuff for the overnight visit at my parents’ home. I had asked my parents if I could spend one night there for the sake of Easter, and they both said yes.
I took along my laptop, my filled- up Dosett, USB dongle, my diary, spare clothes, my toothbrush, a clean nightie, smartphone charger and the book Go Ask Alice, and also my ever- so- trustworthy Anna & Elsa backpack with the usual stuff, and my diary of course.

I took the bus 574 to Raappavuori, I made it to my parents’ home just in time for lunch. I had salmon and potatoes, coffee and home- baked buns for dessert.

I plugged in my computer and got my Internet connection working.
I was thinking of watching some Netflix, but instead went for a long walk.

It was quite cold outside, cold enough to make my breath fume, and it was kind of grey outside. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the weather, it was a perfect Going for a Walk on an Easter Holiday weather.

I walked past my old grade school and junior high, they revoked all kinds of bittersweet memories. The junior high school building and the apartment houses surrounding them were closed down for good, because they found out there was mould. Now they are abandoned, with the doors and windows boarded up, and there’s litter and spray- paintings everywhere. It actually looks kind of awesome, post- apocalyptic would be the best word for it.

Once back home, I felt good and fresh after such a long walk, my lungs and brains were full of rich oxygen and my body felt stronger. I felt like I was radiating positive energy.

I brushed my teeth during the afternoon, because I didn’t feel like doing it in the morning. I also noticed that my father has a bottle of alcohol- free Listerine mouthwash, I might buy some for myself.

Suavecita called me, we had a nice talk. We agreed that we are going to go to Horror Shop on Wednesday. I am going to pay Perkele the rest of the partial payment for the piercing rings.

In the evening I took a shower and washed my hair, and went to sleep with my brother’s old bunny plushie cuddled next to me.
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