April 13th, 2016


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I have wanted to update my journal many times, but usually when I try to write these “real life” entries, yes, real life gets in the way and usually I also try to update in the evenings when the daily hustle and bustle is over, but then I am too tired and full of angst to update. Oh woe is me.

I have had the flu for about a week now, I don’t have a high fever or the general spaced out feeling, but my nose runs like a tap and I cough a lot, especially in the evenings. I can still taste and smell things.
I try to avoid spreading flu bugs to other people, and try not to waste too much energy.
I haven’t brushed my teeth for a while because I don’t want to pass my flu bugs to my toothbrush.
I wish I will get better soon.

My menstrual cycle started last week, but I didn’t bleed too much. I barely had a full Mooncup each morning and evening, so I resorted to panty liners.

This morning I awoke at four o’clock when it was still dark outside, I wondered if it was because I received money today like every Wednesday (it’s like waking up on a birthday!), or because I was still sick with the flu.

I fell back asleep and got up again at half past ten o’clock. I logged in to the online bank service and yes, I had received money.

I took my morning medicine, freshened up a bit and dressed up, and then I went to the bank to withdraw the money. I got sick of waiting for my turn, there were two customers before me so the bank could have been considered overcrowded, considering how people don’t use banks all too often these days. So I went to a cash machine next to the Ärrä convenience store in Myyrinpuhos shopping center and withdrew the money.

I went to the dressmaker’s, but I was told that my clothes aren’t ready yet, and that I will be sent a text message. Oh well, now I had more money to spend.

I went to the stationery shop in Myyrmanni shopping center, and bought a birthday card for a Finnish friend who had her birthday yesterday, and a packet of sky- blue A5- sized envelopes, a set of ten first class postage stamps and ten Priority stickers, and two purple magic ink pens.

I had to go visit Myöhätuuli, I had been at their youth group yesterday and I had actually forgotten my new diary and a fuchsia magic ink pen there, d’oh!
I took the bus 311 to Pähkinärinne, and visited Myöhätuuli to pick up both the diary and the pen. There would have been a handcraft group and a music group today, but I was too busy shopping.

I took the bus 322 to Helsinki, then the subway to Kamppi, and visited a thrift store on Freda to buy a Marimekko retro dress; it’s an A- line button- up sleeveless dress with vertical pink and red stripes, and some frill on the hem and armholes.
It’s missing a couple of buttons and it’s too tight around my humongous boobies, but I can always take it to my favourite dressmaker to mend it.

There were still three amazing dresses I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t afford them all. I am going to buy one on each day when I receive money, the UFF thrift store on Freda has many amazing vintage dresses for sale now.

When walking to back to Kamppi, I noticed that there is a beauty salon named Za Za on Freda. They offer shoulder- and- scalp massage for fifteen euros, I think it could be a part of my spring routine; I have already had my hair cut, and I have also booked a manicure & pedicure on April 20th.

I took the subway back to the city center, then the P train to Myyrmäki.
I went to the Myyrmanni pharmacy to pick up a new batch of Aqualan L basic lotion, I got six pump- action bottles for two and half euros.

I visited Hennes & Mauritz in Myyrmanni shopping center, and bought a Rainbow Dash hair accessory. It’s a long braid made of multi- colored “doll hair”- like plastic string, and it has a colorful bow and a pendant depicting Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon show.

I had an appointment with my psychologist at the psychiatric center at three o’clock in the afternoon. She showed me some Rorschach ink stains that I have already seen twice in my life.

After the appointment, I went to see my friend Emjuso in Wayne’s Coffee in Myyrmanni shopping center.
I ordered a tomato- mozzarella sandwich and a cup of cocoa with marshmallows. Emjuso chose a ham sandwich, a cup of coffee and white chocolate ice cream.
We agreed to meet again tomorrow with Elyseé.

I went home, cut the price tag off the dress and the hair accessory and put them to their rightful places, the dress into the coat rack where I keep the clothes that I am going to take to the dressmaker to be mended, and the hair accessory was put into my beauty box.
I took the pump action bottles out of the package and put them into my kitchen cupboard where I stock up my hygiene products.

My dad had called my yesterday and told me that he has fixed my bicycle, so I went there to pick it up. I took my crash helmet along.
I took the bus 335 to Raappavuori, and rode my bicycle all the way to Myyrmäki. It felt awesome, and it would have been even more awesome if I didn’t have the flu because once I was back home, my nose generated tons of snot and I felt tired.
I parked my bicycle to the storage room and went back home.

I have planned that if I wake up before eight o’clock tomorrow morning, I will go to the health center and take a queue number so I can make an appointment with my doctor. I have to bring my diary, so I will have something to do because I know it’s going to take a long while, there might be many patients.

I will go to the parish in Martinlaakso, and ask for some sort of a voucher so I can renew my gym membership and my swim hall membership. Then I will go see my friends Emjuso and Elyseé.