April 21st, 2016


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As usually after a day full of shopping, I was in such a jazzy and fizzy mood that I didn’t get much sleep.
Just to kill time, I decided to wash a load of laundry as early as two o’clock in the morning, hoping that my neighbours wouldn’t mind.
I washed my underwear and some other clothes like my bathrobe, two tablecloths, and the apron I wear when I wash the dishes.

To my chagrin, I noticed that my clothes were dripping with water after I took them out of the washing machine. I guess I had turned the spinning program off, so I put them back again and remembered to turn on the spinning.
This time my laundry came out of the washer slightly damp as it is supposed to be, so I hung it on the drying rack.

I made myself some tea for breakfast. The first cuppa was peppermint- flavoured, the second was banana- vanilla and the third was chocolate cake- flavoured. They were absolutely scrumptious, I have to buy more flavors soon, including the ones that my friends like.

I brushed my teeth because I would have a routine check- up at the dentist today, so my teeth had to be well tended. I have decided to start brushing my teeth again now that I have recovered from the flu and I don’t have to worry about transferring my flu bugs into the toothbrush.
I also flossed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with Listerine.

About at three o’clock in the morning I started to feel genuinely sleepy, so I slept on the sofa- bed for about five hours.
After getting up, I took my morning medicine, washed my face and dabbed lotion on my skin, and put on some neat clothes.

I went to Myyrmanni shopping center to return some empty bottles. Once back home, I fetched the laundry from the drying room downstairs before the cleaning routine.
Some of the clothes were still partly damp, but I took them home, folded them and put them neatly into my closet.

Later the day when the shops were opened, I went for another shopping routine. I took a bus to Helsinki, and noticed that there were Hare Khrisnas distributing free food, hot meals made from vegan ingredients and some fruits and vegetables. I took a bag of avocados and five lemons that I actually mistook for satsumas.

I went to Kiasma shop, but didn’t find any cool notebooks. They must have been already sold out, but at least I saved some cash.

I went to Kamppi shopping center and visited the stationery shop to buy four magic ink pens, two green ones and two light blue ones, and a set of twenty first class postage stamps and Priority stickers. I have decided not to use the pink magic ink pens anymore, because it’s too light to be seen on a white paper.

I went to the Body Shop and bought a pump- action bottle of chamomile- infused facial cleansing oil, and then I went to the Marimekko shop next door and bought a white- and- red striped pillowcase.

Now that I had enough money, I went to the Greyhound bus station and bought myself a ticket to Kangasala and back for the journey to grandmother’s tomorrow. I got pensioner discount.

I decided to go home the short way, I didn’t feel like up to an urbane adventure. I took a subway to the city center, then a train to Myyrmäki.

I went to a clothing shop named Cubus in Myyrmanni shopping center and bought a new hoodie; it’s grey with a pattern of pink roses, with a zipper on the front.

Once back home, I put the stamps and stickers into my writing desk drawer, the hoodie and the pillowcase into my laundry basket, and the magic ink pens into my pencil case in my backpack.

I still had some time before the appointment at the dentist, so I did some random odd jobs around my home. I might do a complete spring cleaning after I get the steam cleaner, I am also going to find more stuff to give away to charity.

Before the appointment, I went back to Cubus again and bought a proper pair of sunglasses with a UV protection. They cost about a fiver because they were in discount.

I made it to the dentist in time, and I was told that I don’t have any cavities, but I had tartar in my lower teeth and my gums were withdrawn, or something like that. Otherwise I haven’t experienced any trouble with my teeth.

Once back home, I felt mighty bored. I managed to hoover the floor, wash a load of laundry and take them downstairs to the drying room, dust my artefacts, find stuff I am going to give away to charity, and then I went shopping again.

I bought two cardboard boxes from the post office, the kind you use to send mail. I am going to mail a package to Schlitzie, and another for the friend who is moving away.

I also went to Cubus again, this time I asked the shop assistant to set aside an article of clothing for me. It’s a peachy pink parka, and it’s good for spring when the weather is not too hot or not too cold.

I visited Citymarket and asked the shop assistant to set aside a graduation cap for me, I am going to wear it during the Mayday festivities, and also as a reminder from the bittersweet angst of never being able to celebrate my graduation.

I also went to the stationery shop and asked the shop assistant to set aside a pair of Skullcandy headphones, and a greeting card for the friend who is moving away, and a stack of decorative tape.

Once back home, I managed to take my carpet out and dust it, for the first time in about two months.

It was getting late, and the sun still shone and the birds kept on singing.

Tomorrow the first thing to do is to bathe like never before and remember to wash my stringy hair, so I will look presentable when going to see grandmother. I will also brush my teeth and dress into pretty clothes.
As soon as I turn on my laptop, I will renew my Netflix subscription.
I will go to Myyrmäki fitness center and purchase a membership card to the swim hall for one year, the plastic card costs a fiver and I already have a voucher for recharging the card.
I also need to shop furiously, to buy the parka, the graduation cap, and the headphones.

I need to wash the dishes, hoover the floor, take out the metal & paper & carton waste to recycling, take the mattress out for dusting, and also return bottles and take a bag of useless stuff to a charity shop container.

I also promised to hang out with Emjuso, we will meet at half past one o’clock in the afternoon in our mutual meeting place and go shopping in thrift stores, and perhaps go to a café.