April 22nd, 2016


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I slept on the sofa- bed again, and I slept better than last night but I had a really bad dream; I saw two beautiful houses in Varisto, and decided to write a list of headcanons about the houses. I mentioned what kind of song the houses reminded me of, and which comic artist should draw a picture of them.
A teenage girl came out of one of the houses, read the lists and insulted me for it; what kind of fake bohemian screwball writes such lists about houses? And who do you think you are, snooping around my home?
I got steaming mad, threatening her with a kitchen knife and calling her a “cunt- faced asshole whore”.

Fortunately my smartphone woke me up from my nightmare, I received a text message from my mother telling me that I had forgotten my mathroska scarf at their house.

I also had some chocolate left from yesterday, it always cheers me up.
The dream had a very strong déjà vu- feeling, even if I don’t remember ever having the same dream before.

I got up, took my morning medicine, forgot to brush my teeth, but at least I took a proper shower and washed my stringy hair, and dressed into a red Nanso shirt with a pattern of white hearts, and my brown embroidered Dirndl dress.

I took a plastic bag full of useless stuff to a charity shop container, and then returned empty bottles and cans.

I took the bus to my parents’ home, it was going to sleet today so I didn’t feel like riding my bicycle there, even for a short ride, I would only catch the flu again.
I went to fetch the scarf, I had forgotten it to the coat rack when I went to bother my parents yesterday.
My mom was home, she hugged me and told me to take care and say hello to granny.

I took the bus back to Myyrmäki, I was amazed that I managed to wait for quarter of an hour for the bus.

Once back in Myyrmäki, I went to Myyrmanni shopping center and visited Cubus to buy this anorak I had asked the shop assistant to set aside for me yesterday evening.
It is peachy pink with a zipper on the front, and lots of nifty pockets.

I also purchased a membership the Fitness24Seven, a privately owned chain of fitness centers that are far cleaner and neater and technologically more advanced and also more affordable than the municipally owned gyms.
I also purchased a membership to the swim hall at the municipally owned fitness center.
Now that I am not sick with the flu anymore, and my bicycle is fixed, and all that goddamn white shit has melted away, I can take up exercising again.

As for the rest of the day, I washed the dishes and also washed a load of laundry, including the anorak, the clothes I had worn yesterday, and the towels I had replaced like every Friday. I took the laundry to the downstairs drying room, so the anorak would be wearable when I left.

I got bored as hell, so I decided to leave a bit early.
I took a bus to Helsinki, then a subway to Kamppi, and then the Greyhound bus to Kangasala.

During the trip I received a text message from Shaman, I was so happy because I have missed her terribly! I also called Elyseé and Emjuso, we agreed to meet during the Mayday celebrations and that I would hang out with Emjuso on Wednesday, we would go thrift store- prowlin’ and then to a cat café.

The bus route to Kangasala was a bit different than I remembered, but I made it there.

Once at grandmother’s home, my blood sugar was so low that I had a splitting headache. Grandmother gave me a pain pill, and I also had supper with her; cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, a soft- boiled egg, and buttered Karelian pies.

I took my evening medicine, brushed my teeth, had a wash, put on my jammies, and went to sleep on grandmother’s bed, she was going to sleep on the sofa- bed in the living room.

Tomorrow I might go to the library, and also take a long walk.