April 29th, 2016


My heart says "jedi knight", but my emotional stability says "sith lord"

I just read the ending of the original Little Mermaid fairytale by Hans Christan Andersen. Here be spoilers.
The mermaid, in human form, commits suicide by drowning, and becomes a "daughter of the air" who can rise up to the kingdom of Heaven by doing kind deeds for 300 years.

I enjoy writing lists, so I made a list of every single bad deed I have ever committed, and decided that for every bad beed, I shall do ten kind deeds, and only then I deserve forgiveness.

This is not a religious or moralistic debate, it's about solving my own inner personal turmoil.

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Yesterday I sent a package to my friend Michi, I have been meaning to send the package for a long while now. Hopefully she will like it. I love sending packages to my friends, but sometimes I hope I could send them something useful, not just trinkets and candy.

This morning I forgot to take my morning medicine, but fortunately it only caused me a slight mania, nothing too serious. I was just in a happy and jazzy and fizzy mood and laughed a lot.

I also wish I could scrounge up enough motivation to have a proper wash in the mornings, not only for the way I look but also for my health. Everyone knows the benefits of brushing your teeth, and also flossing and rinsing, and I have to put lotion on my atopic, eczema- prone skin. I absolutely have to included that in my daily hygiene route.

Me and my friend Elyseé had agreed to meet today, we went to this Mayday party in Myöhätuuli. We drank coffee and tea and ate delicacies, and talked with the others, then we went back to Myyrmäki.

Elyseé gave me a t- shirt she had bought from a thrift store, she told me that the shirt had reminded her of me. I am so happy when people remember me like that, it made me all warm in my heart. I should buy her something nice as well.

I went to Citymarket to buy a packet of disposable plates, they are made from carton so they can be recycled.

Once back in my home, I washed two loads of laundry. In the evening I washed the dishes, and dressed my bed in clean sheets. I also took a shower and washed my face and my hair, and managed to both floss and brush my teeth, and then rinse my mouth. So, I managed to do plenty of stuff today, and I am happy about it.

I have decided to give up drinking the iced coffee they sell in plastic bottles in grocery stores, I have become addicted to it. Buying them takes a big bite out of my daily budget, and they don’t satisfy me for a long time.

Suavecita called me, we talked about tomorrow and how we are going to celebrate Mayday, because we are going to celebrate it together with our friends.
Tomorrow Suavecita will pick up me and Elyseé, she will give us and Elisa a lift to Horror Shop, where Elisa will have her nose pierced. It’s also her 28th birthday, I will give her a card.
Then we will drop by Suavecita’s home where she will pick up her dad’s old bicycle, and we will go to Heidi’s Mayday party. She will give her dad’s old bicycle to Jari (Heidi’s fiancée), who is in a desperate need of a bicycle of his own.
We will have a good time together, enjoying the party treats and our time together, and the day after tomorrow me and Elyseé will go to the Mayday march and then I will hold an indoors Mayday picnic of my own.
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