April 30th, 2016


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(I have started using the pronoun “they/them” for every single person mentioned in my journal entries, in order to protect their identity. Peace out!)

Me and my friend Elyseé had a sleepover at my place. They told me they were sick with the flu, so they couldn’t come to the Mayday party.

After they left, Suavecita and Eleclya rang my doorbell. We were going to Horror Shop in Suavecita’s car, it was Eleclya 28th birthday and they were going to have their nose pierced the same way I have, a ring on the right side of their nose.

We travelled to Konala in Suavecita’s car, laughing and talking. Once in Horror Shop, Eleclya had their nose pierced and they also bought a t- shirt.
Suavecita gave Perkele a bar of Fazer whole- nut chocolate, which I understand to be their favorite. They gave us hugs and told us to have a fun Mayday.
I overheard Perkele telling another customer that they are doing financially very poorly, bills are piling up and they barely make enough to eat. I made the decision to go buy a product, no matter how small, each Wednesday in order to support them and their family. They are married and have two kids.
When Eleclya came out, they had a “horseshoe” ring on the side of their nose. Perkele told us that if Eleclya starts feeling woozy, we are supposed to make her lie down and give her lots of candy and soda and ice cream. We all shared a hearty laugh.

Suavecita drove us to Motonet, where they bought a proper lock to their dad’s old bicycle, they were supposed to sell it to Jari who is Heidi’s fiancée, we were heading to their Mayday party today. They are in a desperate need of a bicycle of their own.
Suavecita also bought some candy for me and Eleclya.

Suavecita drove us to their home to pick up the aforementioned bicycle, me and Eleclya waited in the car.

Once in Heidi’s home, Jari came to greet us. I was surprised to see that they had shaved their head to a crew- cut instead of the long, wavy heavy metal hair they used to have.

Along with me, Suavecita, Eleclya, Heidi, and Jari, there was another of our friends named Suski. We ate brownies and tuna pastries and tuna pie and crisps, drank coffee and alcohol- free beverages.

Later the day we left, Suavecita drove Eleclya home and I decided to leave, after saying hello to Eleclya’s mother and cuddling with their dog Hipsu.

I realized that there are at least four different bus stops in the intersection near Eleclya’s home, and I couldn’t figure out where the buses to Myyrmäki stop. So I took a bus to Aviapolis, then a train to Martinlaakso, and went to say hello to my parents.
Mom and dad gave me some money as it was my name day today, I emptied and loaded the dishwasher and watched a bit of TV with them. Then I hugged and kissed them both and told them to take care.

I took the bus to Myyrmäki, once back home I took my evening medicine and had a proper wash.

Tomorrow I am going to have a Mayday party at my own home, I have invited lots of people and bought lots of treats. After the party I am going to tidy up my home, and then I will go visit my parents again.