May 2nd, 2016


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A couple of days ago I noticed that Netflix has finally added the fourth (4th) season of American Horror Story, named Freak Show. I have already watched every single one of the episodes on a DVD I borrowed from the library, but anyway, I distracted myself from evening routines by watching some of the episodes again. I think my favourites are Pepper the Pinhead and Ma Petite, and the bearded lady Ethel Darling is awesome too.

I had another happy dream, but soon it turned pornographic. I seem to have plenty of pornographic dreams, even if I am asexual.

I got up after midday, knowing that I would have an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center. I took my morning medicine, put on decent clothes, washed the crusty sleep off my eyelashes and anointed my face with Nivea.

Once in the psychiatric clinic, we talked about stuff and things, such as my inflamed scalp and my relationship with my mother, and then decided that we are going to agree on a new appointment next week when we have the pesky meeting with the doctor, occupational therapist, and the psychologist. And my mother, god forbid.

I went back home and took a thorough shower, and changed clothes. It made me feel better.
I had plenty of stuff to do today; wash a load of laundry, wash the dishes, hoover the floor, take out the trash, and dust my carpet outside.
I decided to have fun first, so I went to Girls’ House. Once there, I hung out with this nice girl who was dressed in all pink and read Hokkaido yaoi on their iPhone.
There was a big glass bowl full of small bags of potato crisps, so named “Relationchips” on the package. I was allowed to take one, they were truly scrumptious.

Me and the girl in pink left together, we took a tram to the city center and they took a bus and I went by a train.

I went to the gym and managed to have a proper workout.
Once home, I had plenty of housework to do but I was too tired. When I went to bed that evening, I almost had an anxiety attack because I had skipped the housework.
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