18th May 2016


Right now I am writing this entry into my Microsoft Word template with the font “Edwardian Script ITC”, it looks very dapper. And it’s a good brain teaser, because reading cursive is pretty hard. I don’t know if they teach cursive handwriting in schools anymore, at least I was taught when I was in grade school.
Later the day when I was doing the proofreading, I decided to change it back to “Verdana” because it was a bastard to read.

Last night I stayed awake all the way to half past two o’clock in the morning (2:30 a.m.), watching Doctor Who on Netflix. I made it to the Xmas special The Snowmen, and that’s when I had to stop because I felt like my eyeballs were bleeding.
I have taken up the habit of watching at least one full episode of Doctor Who each day, usually it’s the evening because during day- time I have plenty of stuff to do and all these projects to take care of. And usually I end up binge- watching, but at least the episodes don’t give me such horrid *feels* they used to. I guess I have learned to kill my emotions by now >:B
At some point I should also watch the BBC Sherlock special The Abominable Bride and lend a DVD with the first seasons of Supernatural from the library, because Netflix deleted them, boo yah.

This morning I woke up about at five o’clock in the morning (5:00 a.m,), and didn’t feel like sleeping anymore, but I didn’t feel like getting up that early. I had no other choice than take my morning medicine and go back to bed, and I ended up sleeping all the way to ten o’clock in the morning.
I learned a while ago that if I take my morning medicine and go right to bed after that, I sleep like a log for hours. I used to hate wasting all day on sleeping, but by now that I have gotten used to the side effects of my prescription medicine, including the drowsiness, I no longer feel like going back to bed. And considering that sometimes I wake up extremely early during the small hours when it’s still dark outside, I can take my morning medicine and sleep for a few hours, but not all day. Comes in handy.

I got up, had a wash, put on a dress I once bought from the vintage section of a thrift store; a red and white striped dress with long sleeves and long hem, too bad the bodice is almost translucent so I have to wear a shirt so no one will catch a glimpse of my brassiere.
This time I wore my grunge shirt under it, black with a heart- shaped daisy chain on the front. I had turned the shirt inside out so the daisy chain wouldn’t show through.

I logged in to my online bank account to see if I had received money and if all the payments were okay, so they were.

I took a short nap, and had a dream where it was a sunny July afternoon in Clock River, me and the 11th Doctor had a running contest; who would reach the door first? I was the first but I banged my nose on the door and the Doctor passed me, and started dancing the hootchie- kootchie and yelling happily.

After I managed to plant my feet on the floor and get up, I heard the most annoying tinkle in the world; the lock- ball in the piercing ring of my left earlobe had loosened and dropped to the floor. I guessed I needed to visit Tattoo Dungeon and ask Perkele to put another on it.

I went out for errands. The first thing to do was to go to the cash machine and withdrew some money, and then I went to Citymarket in Myyrmanni shopping center to buy some snacks so I could “break” the money.
Then I went to the dressmaker in Iso- Myyri shopping center right round the block to pick up my mended dress. It was the one that I had bought from a stall in a marketplace, it had lost a button almost immediately. I took it to the dressmaker to have it sewn back on, and also asked them to cut off all the buttons and sew them properly back on.
Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up the lotions that were prescribed to me; five pump- action bottles of Aqualan Plus basic lotion, a bottle of Bemetson emulsion liquid that I am supposed to rub into my scalp once a day, and a tube of Bemetson cortisone lotion that I am supposed to dab on the eczema on my right wrist three times a day for two weeks, and then two times a week after it has healed. Here’s to hoping they will work because my skin problems are really bugging me, bleh.

Then I had to go grocery shopping, I didn’t need to buy much because I already had some groceries left from last week.
Once home, I barely made it in when I made a dash to the bathroom and took a very impressive dump, and half an hour later I had to take another dump. I should lay off the coffee, it’s giving me the squirts.

I put the dress into the laundry basket, the groceries into the fridge, and the lotions into the bathroom cabinet, and then I used the Bemetson liquid the way it was supposed to; I combed my hair into a parting and poured the liquid on it and massaged it into the eczema. Here’s to hoping it will work, I will use it again tomorrow.

I worked on my blogs, and then I received a package in the mail.
It was the Jerry Spinelli book Love, Stargirl I had ordered from a webshop named Booky to my friend Carol Anne. I wrapped it up with a gift paper, and then it was time to mail it.

I went out for errands again; I took Carol Anne’s package to the post office and mailed it in the priority class. Here’s to hoping they will like it ^_^

I visited the dressmaker again, this time I brought the Marimekko dress I had bought from the same vintage section of the thrift store where I had bought the dress I wore today.
I asked the dressmaker to do the same thing with the buttons, cut them off, sew them back on; the dress was also missing two buttons and there were holes where the buttons were missing, they were supposed to be mended; the pockets were on the backside, they were supposed to be cut off and sewn on the front, and the bodice was too tight so I asked them to broaden it for me. (I have humongous boobies, so it’s no wonder the dress didn’t fit).

I went to the Salvation Army thrift store and bought a Marimekko blouse, navy blue with white polka dots.

I took the bus #!! to Nut Hill, and went to the local supermarket to buy two packages of cocoa powder, and took one of them to Myöhätuuli.
I talked with the other three visitors about cannibalism, and then I took the bus #”” to Henhouse.
I went to Horror Shop, and asked Perkele to put another lock- ball to the barbell ring. I also bought four CDs, two compilation albums of punk rock like X- Ray Specs, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones, one Russian heavy metal album, and one with music inspired by The Clockwork Orange.

It took me a while to find a bus stop. I took the bus %! to Ore Mansion and walked back to Myyr York.

Once home, I put my clothes to the laundry basket, took the CDs out of their wrapping, and made myself a nice cup of coffee.

I have decided to attend the graduation party in my old grade school, I am going to wear all black and perhaps but a black lace veil over my hair, in order to pay respects to the bittersweet memories of being bullied by both teachers and my fellow pupils. I have already got black clothes, and I guess I will go buy a meter of black lace cloth from Eurokangas in Helsinki.

I decided not to go to the gym today, it never works on “paydays” when I have plenty of errands. And it’s okay, I have had plenty of jaunts today.

I spent the evening in my underwear, and I felt very happy and fizzy and jazzy without feeling manic at all.

Tomorrow I won’t have to go to the natatorium or gym. I need to wash my hair and put all sorts of prescribed lotions on my skin.
I am going to visit Girls’ House later, and perhaps go to an art museum.
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