June 12th, 2016


My plans for Monday, June 13th - Sunday, June 20th

Monday, June 13th:
I will do the rest of the housework I didn’t do during the weekend.
I will go to the natatorium and try to swim at least 125 meters/410 feet, that is five times from end to back. Then I will go to the sauna.
I will have an appointment at the psychiatric center at two o’clock in the afternoon (2:00 p.m.) with my own nurse, my mother will come there as well.
I will go to the Amos Anderson art museum, because it’s the only art museum that is open on Mondays in the metropolitan area.

Tuesday, June 14th:
I will wash my hair.
I will go see my mother, and then I will go to the youth group in Myöhätuuli.

Wednesday, June 15th:
I will receive money, both the weekly allowance and the monthly allowance from my mother.
I will pay a bill, send a payment to a friend for a jewellery commission, fetch my mended dress from the dressmaker, and reload my travel card so I can travel in the metropolitan area from June 16th to July 15th.
After visiting my mother to collect the monthly allowance, I will go to a bread line in Martinristi, after that I will go buy the rest of the groceries.
I will also have an appointment at Martinristi at one o’clock in the afternoon (1:00 p.m.), I will go have a talk with the parish worker,
I also need to buy clothes from the UFF thrift stores in Freda and Iso- Roba.
I will also go to the gym, jog 30 minutes on the treadmill and then use all of the work- out machines.

Thursday, June 16th:
I will wash my hair. I won’t have anything special, but I will probably go to a museum.

Friday, June 17th:
I will go to the natatorium, and then to the sauna.
I will do the weekly housework; replace the towels, take the trash out, take the carpet outside for dusting, hoover the floor…
I will go visit my mother.

Saturday, June 18th:
I will continue doing housework.
I will wash my hair.

Sunday, June 19th:
I will go to the gym and work out as usual.