June 21st, 2016


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Last night I had a dream where it was a dark wintry night, and I was in the old cottage that was both my mother’s childhood home and later my family’s summer resort. I tried to figure out how to turn off the background music in the old skool PC game Chip’s Challenge, and how to beat the last boss in the game Alien Carnage. Meanwhile, two chubby mermaids kept on making fun of me, and I was so annoyed that I threatened to flush them down the toilet with a hose.

I woke up about at three o’clock in the morning, and soon fell back asleep. I woke up again, this time about at six o’clock, fell back asleep again, and got up about at quarter past ten o’clock.

I took my morning medicine and didn’t bother with having a wash, just because. I was really disappointed with myself, considering that for the past week I have managed to have a proper wash every morning and evening, but I knew that it was just a phase and soon after I would start taking better care of myself again.

I went to see my mother at midday. She gave me 20 euros, we drank coffee and ate sugar buns.
I was annoyed because I was conscious of everything!!!! My facial muscles being stiff, my nose itching, my lips being dry, the corners of my mouth being chapped, the sharp edge of the molar in the right side of my upper jaw, the ache behind my left ear, the ends of my hair tickling my face, and that I had very visible pimples on my neck.

Later the day I walked with mom to the bus station, I took a bus to Myyrmäki.
I visited Myyrmanni shopping center, I bought a package of three pairs of underpants from Cubus, and a light blue magic ink pen from the stationery shop.

Once back home, all the coffee I had ingested gave me the squirts; I had to take a dump about three times.

I went to the Myöhätuuli hobby group, and I felt better once I got to eat mint chocolate drops and strawberries.

I walked back to Myyrmäki, and felt angry and moody as I usually do. I went to the shopping center again; I am very rarely able to afford anything at all, but it never hurts to look.

Once back home, I was so delusional that I kept on bickering to myself; my speech started sounding burbled, I kept on mixing up the letters R and L, and soon I was swallowing tranquillizers by handful.

I guess the reason behind these mood swings is my caffeine ingestion, and that I eat too little. I am going to fix that, tomorrow I will buy lots of nutritious food and I will also give my coffee ground packages to my friends.

As for tranquillizers, people are always yelling how they are the root of all evil, but at least for me, medication has helped me a lot. I am going to keep on taking tranquillizers because they make me feel calm.

Like I have mentioned many times, tomorrow I will receive about 210 euros.
If I am awake early enough like today, I will take a shower because it’s another hair- washing day; usually I don’t feel like having a wash in the morning of a payday, because I feel the need to go shopping as soon as possible.
If I am ready after ten o’clock in the morning, I will go to Tikkurila and withdraw the cash at the bank where I have my deposit account, because I don’t have to pay a usage fee for withdrawing cash at the bank.
My bank charges one euro for each time one uses a cash machine; every 26th day I have to pay about 15 28 euros, depending on the usage, and considering my financial situation, I really have to pinch the penny.
Once back in Myyrmäki, I will visit a shop named NT Bags in Myyrmanni shopping center. The aforementioned shop is going to be closed soon, so they have a huge sale. I need to buy a new backpack, and fortunately they have ones that suit my needs.
I need to buy plenty of food now that I can afford it, my best friend Suavecita will help me out with carrying the groceries from the shop to my home.

I have decided to give up coffee, it only makes me feel awful both mentally and physically. I am going to drink herbal tea and antioxidant cocoa instead.
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