25th June 2016


After last night’s entry, me and my friends Mirette, Suavecita, and Eleclya went to sauna.
About at midnight Eleclya’s mother came home from the barn dance with another friend, and fortunately she didn’t mind using being naked. She made some toasted sandwiches for us, I only drank cocoa because I wasn’t feeling too hungry. We sat by the kitchen table, laughing ourselves silly and having a good time.

I went to sleep and had a dream about the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum, and in another dream I wore “normal clothes”, a black skirt and a grey shirt. God forbid.

I slept till midday, I had had three sleepless nights and I needed to sleep off my sleep debt.

After I finally got up, I put on my yellow dress and didn’t realize that you could see the colour of my brassiere through it.

I had lunch with the others, spaghetti with grated cheese and catsup, and coffee and blueberry pie with custard for dessert.

Later the day Eleclya’s mother left again, and we were having a good time again.

Later the day Suavecita went back to their home, and me and Mirette took a bus to my home. We were going to have a sleepover.

I warmed some canned tomato- goat cheese soup in the microwave oven for us, and later Mirette went to buy milk.

I drank coffee, surfed on the Internet, and in the evening I took my meds, had a quick wash, and after going to bed I tried to meditate myself to sleep.

Tomorrow I need to do plenty of housework; hoover the floor, take out the recycling, take the carpet and mattress out to dust them, go to the shops to return empty bottles and buy more milk, look through the cupboards and closets and drawers for stuff to give away, scrub the bathroom, wipe the kitchen counter and writing desk, stuff like that.
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