July 2nd, 2016


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Last night when I was on my way back home on a bus, I received a phone call from my friend Elyseé. Zie asked me if zie and hir dating partner can come for a sleepover, I said yes because I can never deny a friend’s request about a sleepover, not to mention that it’s been a long while since I saw Elyseé, it was lovely to see hir again.

After they arrived, I gave Elyseé two gifts I have been saving for hir, a pink kimono and a glamorous hairbrush.

They stayed for the night, and left early in the morning.
I slept a bit later, and woke up with a start when my smartphone rang. It was my mother, she asked me if I wanted to see her since she was coming to the Myyrmanni shopping center.

I got up, dressed up, had a quick wash, and then went to see her.
We walked about in the shopping center for a while, visited a few shops, laughed and talked a lot, and I felt like this moment became a happy core memory. I’m glad that most of my core memories are happy.

I went back home, and then I left again. I was supposed to see my friend Mirette, we were going to the Helsinki Pride march.

The train to Helsinki was late, so I took another train. Once in Helsinki, we walked to the Senate Square and then joined the march. There were plenty of people from all walks of life, all ages, all sexualities and gender identities, and I felt so happy and proud.
There was one preacher who spoke English, zie was desperately rambling on about how Jesus saves, and someone put a flower garland around hir neck.
Once in the park where the march ended, we sat on the grass and ate some apricots. Then we went to a supermarket to buy some treats, and then we went to Myyr York on a train and went to my home.

I noticed that my fridge and freezer have stopped working, for some reason. The light was out and the foods were quickly melting.

I called the ASPA worker who is responsible for the apartments, and zie told me zie is currently sunbathing in a park and will return to work on Monday. So that’s that.
When I told Mirette about this, zie asked me if I wanted to come over to hir place for the weekend and take my groceries along so I can put them into hir fridge. I was overjoyed at this suggestion, I quickly packed my groceries and some other stuff- my diary, the book The Collected Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, my toothbrush, spare clothes, my filled- up Dosett, and a pump- action bottle of Aqualan Plus basic lotion.

We took a train to Helsinki and then a subway to Mirette’s home. I absolutely fell in love with the way zie has furnished hir apartment, it was lovely and gorgeous.

Mirette went out for a while to pick some stuff from hir parents’ home, I stayed at hir home. I brushed my teeth, surfed on the Internet, stuff like that.

In the evening Mirette warmed some mozzarella sticks in the oven, they tasted good.
I took a cool shower and then took my evening medicine, and slept on Mirette’s spare bed.
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